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Celebrate Earth Day in Frankfort with "Celebrate Our City Parks, held " at Cove Spring Wetlands, Dolly Graham, Fort Hill and River View Park. Click here to learn more about the day!

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While enjoying spring sunshine at Dolly Graham Park, the Frankfort Earth Day Coalition gathered to applaud Frankfort Mayor Layne Wilkerson’s proclamation of April 18 – 24 as Earth Week in Frankfort. The 2021 Earth Day Coalition, convened by Together Frankfort, includes ten local organizations representing not only local and statewide environmental, community, and outdoor recreation groups, but also national social justice organizations. Together Frankfort chair, Barbara Hadley Smith, and South Frankfort Neighborhood Association President David Stumbo welcomed everyone to the proclamation signing and encouraged citizens to participate in 2021 Earth Day activities.
Second Street eighth-grader Larissa Bush read the proclamation, which recognized the virtual Earth Week programs coming up at Kentucky State University’s Environmental Education Center, the ongoing art programs connecting art with nature at Josephine Sculpture Park, and Earth Day clean-up events.  Reading from the proclamation, Bush emphasized that April 22, 2021 marks the 51st anniversary of Earth Day, established in 1970 when 20 million Americans called for greater protections of the land, air, and water resources.
Together Frankfort member Lynn Cruz described Earth Day those Earth Day opportunities, as well as those planned for Frankfort’s parks. The city of Frankfort’s Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites officials have provided technical assistance and planning advice to the coalition to organize “Celebrate City Parks Trail Walks on Earth Day.”  On Thursday, April 22, at 3 PM and 5 PM, citizens can participate in a guided trail walk scheduled for four of Frankfort’s eight city parks: Cove Spring Wetlands Trail; Dolly Graham and Fantasy Forest; Leslie Morris Park at Fort Hill, and River Walk Park.
COVID-19 restrictions require that groups consist of no more than 9 people. To plan for limited group size, citizens are asked to register online here.  For more information about: the 51st  Earth Day, https://www.earthday.org/; Together Frankfort, togetherfrankfort.org, or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Together.Frankfort/Type your paragraph here.

Earth Week Starts April 18, 2021

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Together Frankfort is a non-partisan, volunteer group of Kentuckians who seek to exercise and protect the principles embodied in our Constitution by being engaged and responsible participants in democracy.  

We advocate for integrity and transparency in government and political actions, and fair and equal application of the law and civil rights for all people. 

We support economic and social policies that ensure continuing opportunity for individuals and families. 

We are committed to our country and to the welfare of our fellow citizens regardless of political affiliation, and to solutions that cross partisan divides.

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