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Together Frankfort

​Join us Sunday, March 1, 2020 for the
Selma Reenactment March for Voting Rights!

Together Frankfort urges citizens to participate in the Selma Reenactment March, Sunday, March 1, 2020 at 2 PM. Folks interested in marching with Together Frankfort are invited to come to Goodwood Brewing, 109 W Main St., Frankfort, between 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM, to get organized, assemble as a group, and leave for the 1 PM march lineup.  Downtown Frankfort will be VERY crowded at this time.  If you plan to order a meal, please arrive between 11 - 11:30 AM!

Kentucky State Senator Gerald Neal invited Together Frankfort to participate in the Selma Reenactment March for Voting Rights to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL.

 The March will occur simultaneously with the reenactment in Selma, Alabama and will emphasize voting rights and the importance of removing barriers to voting. For more information, contact Senator Gerald Neal, email Gerald.Neal@lrc.ky.gov or call (502)564-8100, extension 807 and ask for Annette Poole-Malone. For information & to register with Together Frankfort’s participation in the march, log in on Facebook.

​Together Frankfort had previously scheduled a screening of the movie, Dark Money, at this same time.  We will reschedule the film for a future date which will be announced here, on Facebook, and through email.  

Since 2019 was such a busy year, we are sharing some moments with you in the video to the right.

Check out the video looking back at achievements realized in 2019!

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Democracy is More than Just Voting!Research, Volunteer, Donate to Your Candidates!

Get Involved in Our 2020 Priorities 

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Our priorities for the coming year include:

~  Enacting state legislation to bring sunlight to the redistricting process. If you haven't already done so, sign up to participate in the Kentucky Fair Maps Coalition by clicking on the link.

~  Building strong networks on climate change education and action

~  Celebrating the 100th anniversary of woman's suffrage

~  Continuing to address the needs of those marginalized by national and state policies & actions.

As Together Frankfort continues into the important work of the year 2020,  we request your involvement and, if possible, your support. 

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Each election cycle, Together Frankfort encourages citizens to become more informed & more engaged in the electoral process. ​​It's easy -- click on the links to contact candidates! Get involved!

                                Click on this link to get information about all the fine folks running for public office in Frankfort, Franklin County, Kentucky, & the U.S.   

Please contact the candidates of your choice and offer to help.  There are so many ways for citizens to engage with candidates for office!  Just do it!

Together Frankfort - Our Mission

Together Frankfort is a non-partisan, volunteer group of Kentuckians who seek to exercise and protect the principles embodied in our nation’s Constitution by being engaged and responsible participants in democracy.  

We advocate for integrity and transparency in government and political actions, and fair and equal application of the law and civil rights for all people. 

We support economic and social policies that ensure continuing opportunity for individuals and families. 

We are committed to our country and to the welfare of our fellow citizens regardless of political affiliation, and to solutions that cross partisan divides. Membership is open to all -- please sign up, participate, learn, act!