​Together Frankfort: Civic Engagement

Together Frankfort

Democracy has many enemies, but apathy is one of the worst. To each and every volunteer across the Commonwealth - you won! You played a part in building strong teams, working tremendously hard, & reaching out across our Commonwealth. You are the ones who demonstrated skills of commitment, courage, and collaboration. 

What an extraordinary model for all - demonstrating that strong democracies, not apathy & not just shouting from the sidelines, posting on social media, complaining to friends -- joining in the campaigns to do the hard work builds successful futures.

Thank you to those who campaigned and did not win, and those who campaigned and did win!  You and your teams have demonstrated leadership. We applaud you & encourage you to stay in the public arena - we need folks who have demonstrated they are hard workers, team builders, graceful in loss, and dignified in success. You are that person!

We encourage you to continue on and stay in touch; our communities need your skills, experience, and talent. Follow us on twitter @Togethr_Frnkfrt, post on our Facebook page,  and sign up for our mailing list.

We invite your involvement in all Together Frankfort's activities. Our priorities for the coming year include:

~  Enacting state legislation to bring sunlight to the redistricting process

~  Building strong networks on climate change education and action

~  Celebrating the 100th anniversary of woman's suffrage

~  Continuing to address the needs of those marginalized by national and state policies & actions.

As Together Frankfort continues our 2019 Campaign - Reclaiming Our Democracy  -  we request your involvement and, if possible, your support. 

Click on the link, fill out the form, make a declaration of your Together Frankfort membership & involvement.

If at all possible, couple that declaration with a donation, of any amount, (click the red button above) to help with our programs. Thank you!

Together Frankfort - Our Mission

Together Frankfort is a non-partisan, volunteer group of Kentuckians who seek to exercise and protect the principles embodied in our nation’s Constitution by being engaged and responsible participants in democracy.  

We advocate for integrity and transparency in government and political actions, and fair and equal application of the law and civil rights for all people. 

We support economic and social policies that ensure continuing opportunity for individuals and families. 

We are committed to our country and to the welfare of our fellow citizens regardless of political affiliation, and to solutions that cross partisan divides. Membership is open to all -- please sign up, participate, learn, act!