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Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education​​​​

Dark Money -- Get involved!

Together Frankfort held a virtual meeting on Dark Money - Next Steps, Wed., Nov. 10, 2021 at 7 PM. Click this link to connect to an initial list of "take aways" from the meeting.  Add your own thoughts here too. Our group was small but mighty. When we meet again on December 2, via zoom, we hope that you can join us!​​

  Dr. Peter Smith
KSU Faculty Representative

Katrisha Waldridge 

Community Representative


​J’iya Alcorn
KSU Student Representative​​​​

Be a part of Frankfort & Franklin County's work for Juneteenth 2022 and racial equity!

  Here's a proposal some local folks assembled for local consideration!

Together Frankfort is proud to sponsor Judy Collins' 2022 performance at

Frankfort’s own Grand Theatre!
Ticket sales are underway NOW!
Judy Collins in concert at The Grand!
Thu - Mar 31, 2022 - 7:30pm EDT

​Judy Collins in Concert at The Grand Theatre

Judy Collins captured the love of many with her

crystal clear vocal renditions of “Both Sides Now”

and “Where are the Clowns,” both winning

Grammy’s. As a leader of contemporary folk music,

she introduced the world to Leonard Cohen,

Joni Mitchell, and Randy Newman.

Together Frankfort needs YOU! ​​​​​

As Together Frankfort continues the important work of this challenging year 2021, we are looking ahead to 2022 (can you believe it?).  We request your involvement and, if possible, your support.  Click on the link, fill out the form, make a declaration of your Together Frankfort membership & involvement.  

If at all possible, couple that declaration with a donation, of any amount, (click the red Donate button below) help with our programs. Thank you!

​​​​​​​​​Together Frankfort congratulates the members named to Kentucky State University's Presidential Search committee. The Kentucky State University Board of Regents announced on Nov. 10, that the search committee members have been submitted to the search committee chair, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education Vice President & General Counsel Travis Powell. A complete listing of the committee members and their contact information is available through this link.  We will be attending informational sessions when the committee meets and we encourage everyone in Franklin County, KY to do the same! The committee members, who are shown below, do not include one of the National Alumni Association representatives, Donald W. Lyons. We were unable to locate his photo but have requested that he send us one.

 KSU Board of Regents approved Myers McRae Executive Search and Consulting to assist the selection process.

 Committee charge:

~  Conduct a search process to identify the Kentucky State University presidency finalists;
~  Prepare a report for the Board of Regents summarizing the search process;
~  Identify and evaluate candidates for president that will include the strengths and areas of concern of each of the finalist candidates in an unranked format;
~  Make a recommendation to the Board of Regents, of no more than 3, but not less than 2 finalists.

 Opportunity for Input:

~ Information about the 1st meeting & public forums not yet available
~ Regular updates, from the presidential search committee, will be provided throughout the process;
~ Regular updates will be found on the KSU presidential search website (not yet available).

Together Frankfort works with many partners, locally, nationally, and internationally.  The international partner which we are featuring this month is the Charter for Compassion, whose Global Gala is later this month.

We are appreciative of the Frankfort Interfaith Council whose local work introduced our members to the Charter for Compassion.   Together Frankfort is a member of the Charter's Social Justice Sector.

The Charter for Compassion's Global Gala will be presented at two different times—purchase of a ticket will allow you to join either event.

Nov. 20, 2021, 8 am PST & 5 pm PST. (Use time/date converter to check local times). These 2 different start times enable the global community to join.

On Nov. 20th, be prepared to engage as the Charter for Compassion gathers worldwide to recognize extraordinary & honorable people whose lives signify compassionate action to the 10th degree. People at the grassroots, those working in the fields of health and scientific research, musicians who recognize their call to preserve cultural roots in addition to using their talent to educate beyond musical notes, and social justice advocates who are spurred on by small victories that collectively result in equity.

Hear the founder of the Charter for Compassion, Karen Armstrong, invite each of us to think beyond the present to envision a possible world of renewal. Listen as Holocaust survivor & honoree Rabbi Soetendorp reminds us that it is time for tikkun olam, a time to repair the world.

Hear the haunting voice of Israeli singer Shani, & her musical partner Noam, sing of the sincerity embodied in compassionate truth, and Australian singer Lior perform with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra

Save the date, November 20th, 2021. This will be a fundraiser to help sustain the Charter for Compassion's work. Everyone is invited, the admission fee is only a suggestion. Buy tickets now - sliding scale!

As a co-sponsor, Together Frankfort members will be participating.  If you'd like to join together for a part of the program and participate as a group, send us an email at togetherfrankfort2017@gmail.com

Christopher Cribbs
KSU Staff Representative

Let us choose our own representatives!

Kentucky legislators are redrawing Congressional, Kentucky House and Kentucky Senate Maps behind closed doors. They are making decisions about who will represent us in Washington and Frankfort that will be in effect for 10 years. The League of Women Voters of Kentucky is drawing maps to recommend to these legislators and you can help. Join us virtually for our:  LWVKY Fair Maps: Draft Map Review/Feedback Session, Thursday, November 18, 2021, 6:30-8PM EDT (5:30-7 PM Central) for a deeper dive into the League of Women Voters of Kentucky Proposed Draft Maps. ( Zoom registration here.) This is for citizens who attended our forums and want more information and for those who missed our forums.  The LWVKY Draft Maps were drawn using 2020 US Census Data to demonstrate how legislative maps can be drawn during the redistricting process to more fairly represent voters.

The LWVKY followed legal guidelines, in addition to principles of creating compact districts that consider communities of interest and local communities as well as solely considering voters' interests versus creating districts that legislators would need to stay in power.  The LWVKY plans to refine the Draft Maps based on public input received during our statewide speaking tour. Now that the public has had some time to consider the Draft Maps more carefully, we are offering one more chance to ask questions, provide input and share local concerns before we draw final maps we will propose to legislators. We value your input, as we want to make the maps we propose to the Kentucky Legislature event better! 

Susan Perkins Weston, our League map-drawing expert, will be on hand to receive feedback and to field questions regarding any district across the state.  Bring your tough questions, your local concerns or share what you like. The input we receive from citizens who live in different areas across the state will make our Proposed Maps stronger. 
If you missed the LWVKY Fair Maps forum in your area, you can watch a recording here. If you are unable to attend the event on Nov 18, but would like to provide feedback, please share your feedback here by Nov. 18 on our Feedback Form found here. Register here TODAY for the Nov 18 LWVKY Fair Maps: Draft Map Review/Feedback Session. Thursday, November 18 6:30-8PM EDT (5:30-7 PM Central)

  Dr. Jens Hannemann
KSU Faculty Representative

Savion Briggs
KSU Student Representative


Paul Thompson
Community Representative


Richard Graves

KSU Alumni Representative ​​​​

​​​​​​​Frankfort's University - Kentucky State University

Paul Cable
KSU Staff Representative