Volunteer for Candidates for Public Office:
City, County, State, Congressional District;
or volunteer for a political party or a political group!

Aside from needing money $$$, most every candidate tells you that the most valuable part of their campaign is volunteers. Candidates use volunteers for literally every aspect of the campaign, such as:

  • Showing up! Several candidates have websites through which you can register for updates about the candidate's events & appearances. Others will post on their Facebook page when they'll be attending a function.  For public events, sign-up and show up. Bring a few friends and make a festive outing. Candidates always like to see larger crowds & friendly faces.  You & your friends don't have to organize, plan, speak, or clean-up.  But your presence at your candidate's events make a difference!

  • Promoting your candidate - buttons, banners, bumperstickers, etc.: Use campaign materials to promote your candidate at appropriate events (shopping, visiting friends, parties, etc.) & keep a supply on-hand to give to those who express an interest; organize friends with candidate tee-shirts, buttons or banners to gather at community events, such as the Downtown Summer Concert series, the Frankfort Strider run/walk events, fall festivals for schools and communities in the area. Help your candidate's team distribute yard signs (make sure you follow all city and county rules).

  • Organizing "meet & greet" events(click on the link for one organizer's guidelines - this is NOTan endorsement of the source; just some more resources).  The event could be at your home or during a community event, or at local restaurant or business. Leave nothing to chance, from planning to follow-up to evaluation; then it will be a success!


  • Supporting your candidate through social media: "like" their Facebook (FB) page, follow & retweet their Twitter feed, share Instagram and YouTube postings; post an endorsement on the FB page, Twitter, or other methods; "share" FB pages & tag Twitter friends who might be interested; offer to photograph your candidate at community events for posting on your FB page and/or the candidate's page, Twitter feed, etc.; organize friends & supporters to tweet with the candidate's hashtag or event hashtag at every opportunity.

​Together Frankfort

Together Frankfort

Allow Kentucky's citizens to vote safely in November.

More Civic Engagement Opportunities

Volunteering for a candidate is one very important way to be involved in our community.  However, you might not be comfortable with that role. There are SO many other opportunities!

Volunteer for one of the political parties in Franklin County- both major parties have local offices. These folks can use help in organizing and carrying out their monthly meetings, maintaining data lists, handling phone calls, and helping organize special events. Volunteering locally gives you a chance to meet numerous candidates & their supporters.

Help register voters by providing information and/or training. Share the information below, about how to register, or contact the Franklin County Clerk's office, 502-875-8704 and ask a representative to conduct training for your organization. Officials can train you and others in your group to register citizens to vote. 

In person, a voter registration card can be obtained and completed at:

For more info, contact: Maygan Fryman; ph: 502-875-8704; Email: maygan.fryman@ky.gov

Kentucky citizens can also register online by clicking this link & following directions. You will need access to a printer.  For those without a printer, the Paul Sawyier Public Library provides computer  & printer access for library members. In addition, library patrons can also access the Patron Printing service. This option allows library patrons to print virtually any document or web page from your Internet connected PC to one of the Library printers.

Completed voter registration should be returned to the:

  • State Board of Elections,
  • 140 Walnut Street
  • Frankfort KY 40601

or the Franklin County Clerk, as noted above.

Learn more about how your group or organization can help register voters at Nonprofit VOTE. Founded in 2005, Nonprofit VOTE partners with America’s nonprofits to help the people they serve participate and vote. Nonprofit VOTE is the leading source of nonpartisan resources to help nonprofits integrate voter engagement into their ongoing activities and services.

​There is strong data backing up the effectiveness of nonprofits doing nonpartisan voter engagement with the communities they serve.  Studies like Engaging New Voters report show that nonprofits reach populations most likely to be overlooked by partisan campaigns and have a markedly positive impact on voter turnout with those they engage. Further, because nonprofits are part of their communities’ fabric, their impact builds over time.

Thank you for your interest in civic engagement!