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December 2021  

Celebrate Earth Day - Friday, April 22, 2022, 5:30 PM - 8 PM (click the link for more information), River View Park's Ward Oates Amphitheater, 520 W. Main Street in beautiful downtown Frankfort, Kentucky.

Join us for a discussion of climate change, the impacts, what we can do, what governments can do. Speakers, vendors, fun for all!

International Jazz Day Celebration - Songs of Struggle, Hope, and Triumph: Local to Global

Fri - Apr 29, 2022 - 7:30pm EDT; Jazz Day at Frankfort's own Grand Theater, 308 Saint Clair St, Frankfort, KY  The concert will feature a blend of styles celebrating the various cultures and heritages represented within this great American music.

International Jazz Day All Star-Ensemble, featuring Saxophonist Rob Dixon & Guitarist Dave Stryker, vocalist 
Mary Jackson, Venezuelan vocalist and visual artist Enrique Gonzalez, and hip-hop artist activist, Devine Carama.

Composer pianist, Dr. Keith McCutchen will lead the ensemble & will premiere a composition, entitled, Songs of Struggle, Hope, and Triumph: Local to Global. The concert will also feature some of Frankfort’s finest bands as well as acts from the surrounding cities.

Click here to get your tickets NOW! For information, please contact (502) 352-7469, 

​​​​Kentucky Voting Rights Coalition 

Together Frankfort has been a member of the Kentucky Voting Rights Coalition since its inception. The coalition is open to all organizations and if you are interested in participating in any way, please check out the website link here.

In most states, voting rights are respected after someone completes their sentence, if they were ever denied. Kentucky is one of only two states that permanently take the right to vote from everyone with a felony in their past, unless they can navigate the complicated process to get a pardon from the Governor, or go through an expensive process of having their record expunged for a limited number of Class D felons.

312,00 people in our state can't vote because of these laws – that's about 1 in 11 voting age Kentuckians. Kentucky also has the nation's highest rate of Black voter disenfranchisement. One in 4 Black Kentuckians cannot vote due to the combination of over-policing in communities of color and our voter disenfranchisement laws.

Many of the issues Kentuckians face are impacted by who is able to vote. Disenfranchisement harms families by discouraging civic participation and decreases the political power of entire communities. 
Contact Dave Newton with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth, for more information about the Kentucky Voting Rights Coalition. Let him know if you or your organization would like to be involved with the coalition.

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