Frankfort Anti-Racism Activists (FARA) - Help with Teacher Workshops

Together Frankfort's supports our partners by helping publicize and promote their activities.  Two important partners, the Frankfort Anti-Racism Activists (FARA) and Focus on Race Relations (FORR) - Frankfort, are organizing teacher workshops for fall 2020 (based, of course, on the school systems plans for re-opening and teacher workshop).  Jessie Blackwood Miller, with FARA, invites your involvement in an  upcoming program to increase racial competency within the schools in Franklin County, Kentucky This is the the first big step of an ongoing effort led by Focus on Race Relations (FORR) to establish an ongoing relationship with schools to address racial inequities in education. 

FORR will be offering two teacher / school staff workshops in the fall to increase awareness of issues and begin building the capacity to address the issues. These first workshops will include personal stories to illustrate the issues and prompt discussion. Do you have a story to tell about classrooms and educational activiteis that are welcoming and inclusive to all races? Here's your chance to share!

These storytellers should include teachers, and especially those that are making concerted efforts to make their classroom inclusive. Perspectives from former students and parents would also be very impactful.

Stories can vary widely to illustrate how race should be addressed in schools; some examples may be a:

~ Teacher that makes a concerted effort to provide an inclusive classroom,

~ Teacher that had to deal with a difficult racial situation in a classroom,

~  Former student who encountered challenges in education because of their race,

~  Parent's perspective of racial inclusiveness in their child's classes, ect.

Stories could be positive examples or negative examples to learn from things that went wrong. 

Contact FARA  (click on name to email) if you can share a story or if you know someone who would have a story important to tell to this group of teachers and staff members. Coaching is available to those who would like it.

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On Thursday, March 19, Governor Andy Beshear issued an executive order banning all mass gatherings, including civic events.  Based on the order, Together Frankfort has cancelled all previously announced meetings. 

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