​Together Frankfort: Civic Engagement

Together Frankfort

Together Frankfort invited area citizens to share their voices in a parallel event to Rep. Andy Barr's "Open Office," dubbing it the "Talk and Tell Your Barr Story," from 9 AM until 11 AM, Room 125, Capitol Annex, Frankfort, KY. Rep. Barr met constituents, 5 minutes each, at the same time in a nearby room, #113, across the hall from the location of our parallel event.

After meeting with Representative Barr, numerous Together Frankfort shared their issues and concerns, through live streaming on Together Frankfort's Facebook page, and discussed his response.

Together Frankfort's members were both pleased and frustrated that U.S. Congressman Andy Barr scheduled the event in Frankfort.  Since January, Together Frankfort had called, written, faxed, requested, urged, petitioned, asked (both politely and sternly) for Rep. Andy Barr (U.S. Congress Sixth District) to hold a town hall in Frankfort.

Of course, he didn't do that -- no town hall for Frankfort folks. So there was no chance to hear the questions from other citizens and learn his responses to their concern. That was very frustrating.  Nonetheless, Representative Barr had, in fact, arranged to meet with his constituents in Frankfort, albeit through a rather inflexible form for dialogue. So Rep. Barr held an "Open Office" Hours on Wednesday, Aug. 16, 9 AM until 12 PM., Capitol Annex, Room 113, Frankfort KY

His email reported that:

"In order to ensure our constituents can voice their concerns in a productive & respectful manner, and to allow the Congressman to hear from as many constituents as possible, Rep. Barr will meet with each constituent for 5 minutes. Staff will be on hand to take down additional concerns or casework.

Visitors were asked to comply with the meeting policies of the Capitol Annex. (These include: no signs, banners, posters.) Visitors were reminded that, if they were driving in from out of town, they would need to park in the Annex parking lot and allow extra time to go through security. Everyone needed a government issued I.D. to enter the building.

Together Frankfort urged area citizens to take advantage of this opportunity to meet with Rep. Barr -- we had been writing and calling him about the issues affecting our democracy. We've expressed our concerns about his failure to speak out on President Trump's policies - on healthcare, the environment, the financial industry rollbacks, women's issues, and now, nuclear threats.

Several area organizations served as co-sponsors for our parallel event, including Indivisible Bluegrass and Kentucky Chapter of the National Organization for Women. We had the pleasure of interviewing their representatives and heard their discussions about the meeting with Congressman Barr.

Talk and Tell your Barr Story!