Save our Healthcare Rally

Monday, June 26, 2017
State Capitol Rotunda, Frankfort, KY

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Protesters Rail Against McConnell Healthcare Plan in Kentucky Capitol, republished & reported online in InsuranceNews.Net; original by Jack Brammer, Lexington Herald Leader,  (Lexington, Ky.), June 2017 at

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Robin Rider-Osborne, Photo from MedStar
Coleman Eldridge

 Save our Healthcare Rally

Monday, June 26, 2017
State Capitol Rotunda, Frankfort, KY

Together Frankfort & Partners Rallied in Support of the Affordable Care Act and Single Payer Health Care

Together Frankfort's partners in Indivisible Bluegrass,

Our Revolution Central Kentucky, and

Together We Will Bluegrass, invited citizens from across the state to the Kentucky State Capitol Rotunda, Frankfort on June 27, 2017 to air our concerns about national health care proposals. Speakers encouraged everyone to Listen, learn, but foremost, take action to stop the national healthcare proposal. Kentucky citizens deserve, at the very least, our opportunity to study the proposal before the Senate votes on this bill.

As the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy had reported in June 2017:

No state has more to lose from this bill than Kentucky because no state has achieved more in the last few years thanks to the Affordable Care Act. The bill would reduce Kentuckians’ health, harm the state’s most vulnerable and set us further back on fighting Kentucky’s opioid crisis. It will result in less coverage at higher cost, especially for poorer, older and sicker people. It will also lead to substantial job loss at hospitals and doctors’ offices and weaken Kentucky’s rural economies in particular.*                                                                                               

  • Coleman Eldridge

  • VP of Global Development &Membership,
  • International Coach Federation,
  • Former executive assistant to Gov. Steve Beshear  
  • (Photo: Coleman Eldridge, LinkedIn)


  • Robin Rider-Osborne

  • Chair, Kentucky Protection & Advocacy for Individuals
  • with Mental Illness Advisory Council &
  • Kentucky Faces of Medicaid  


  • Greg Welch, Graduate Student, Southern New Hampshire University,
  • Representing Together We Will Bluegrass

  • Featured Presenter: Kay Tillow,
  • Director, Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare

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*Jason Bailey, Statement on Senate Health Repeal Bill, June 22, 2017, <>, accessed June 25, 2017.