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​Rights of Nature - A Member Proposal for Together Frankfort, 

Frankfort and Franklin County, Kentucky

Together Frankfort has been asked to promote and support a concept described as the ​Rights of Nature.  Together Frankfort members Don and Sylvia Coffey asked that we commit the organization to persuading our city and county governments to enact the Rights of Nature concept described in the January issue of Hightower Lowdown.

The article, entitled, Give nature a seat at the governing table, discusses the rise in interest by the location in Pennsylvania, which enacted the first Rights of Nature ordinance in the world.  Describing "Tamaqua, a small town in Pennsylvania coal country. In 2006 it enacted the first Rights of Nature ordinance in the world. City council member Cathy Morelli was working with a growing group of locals outraged that their area had become “a sacrifice zone” for dumping toxic sludge and other industrial waste. "

Let us hear from you! If your interested in learning more, or attending a briefing about this, or providing a briefing about the Rights of Nature concept, let us know! Here's a survey that gives you an opportunity to share your ideas about whether to move forward, or if we should -- what to do first, next, etc.!

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Coffey pointed out that this type of action is "self-evidently needed in Frankfort and Franklin County, where we experience recurring insults against the etraordinarily beautiful natural environment with which we are blessed . . ." -- aciting the controversial proposal for distillery warehouses in Peaks Mill and dismantling histocis buildings without public notice.

Enclosing a copy of the January edition of the Hightower Lowdown, Coffey discussed the "Rights of Nature concept as a nascent groundswell in this direction nationwide . . . " adding that could fair well by being on the front end of a vitally worthy movement.

Don Coffey, and his wife Sylvia (who tirelessly lead the Woman's Suffrage Centennial Chorus, as well as lead Frankfort's work in the Kentucky Women's Centennial Celebration, August 2020) urged Together Frankfort to research the local governments around the U.S. which have enacted Rights of Nature protections.