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In March 2019, Together Frankfort launched the Reclaiming Our Democracy  Campaign - a challenge to Kentuckians to fight for change in several areas:

Since Together Frankfort organized in January 2017, we have carried out numerous actions, programs, and events.  These activities have been implemented and  carried out by committee and individual efforts. In 2019, we are working to promote more grassroots involvement in our committees and program work.  Please Help!

We encourage you to sign up for a committee and participate in whatever way that you can!

The Committees include:

Take Back Our Elections Committee  - Get involved in this committee if you're interested in education, outreach, and working to address basic democracy in Kentucky.  Hold discussion groups on voting reform, gerrymandering, and how we can address these challenges. Sign up by clicking here! Co-chaired by:  Barbara Hadley Smith, Mary Lynn Collins, Karen Armstrong-Cummings.

New Kentuckians Committee -  Immigration reform, a wall on the Southern Border, Muslim bans, racial strife-- numerous barriers prevent new immigrants in our community from experiencing a more welcoming community. This Committee will conduct educational programs on immigration reform, what's happening at the Southern Border, and how new immigrants to Kentucky can become citizens -- welcomed citizens -- of our community. Click here to sign up for work with this Committee. Co-chaired by: Karen Waite Carey and Margaret Townsley.

Listen First - Then Talk Committee -  America was built on a foundation of civil discourse and it is a skill that is still needed today. In the early days of the country, civil discourse was played out in courtrooms, taverns and on street corners. Today, the discourse is on Facebook and Twitter, and it's often far from civil. Building on the work of Frankfort's "On the Table" conversations, the Paul Sawyier Library's public outreach work, the initiatives of several churches and community groups, this Committee will seek to provide opportunities for bringing folks together to "Listen First - Then Talk." We can do this folks -- be a part of bridging the uncivil divide in our world. Click here to sign up for work with this Committee.  Co-chaired by: Gae Broadwater and Mary Lynn Collins.

Together Frankfort

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