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​Together Frankfort

Together Frankfort's Partnership Committee is co-chaired by Ellen Nolan and Karen Armstrong-Cummings. Members include: Amy Allegrini, Debbie Howes Fleming, Donna Goebler, Rev. Chuck Queen, Rev. Scott Rollins, among many others.

The Partnership Committee has helped secure speakers for Together Frankfort's general meetings, such as Kay Tillow, the Chair of Kentuckians for Single Payer Health Care. Our partnership with this group enabled members to become much better informed on options for addressing national health care issues.

Working with several local organizations, the Partnership Committee organized the "Save Our Healthcare" rally at the Kentucky State Capitol Rotunda. Representatives from numerous local organizations spoke about problems with the proposed Trumpcare legislation and the options provided by a single payer health care program.

Partnership Committee meeting are open to all and are held on the first Thursday of each month at Paul Sawyier Public Library.

 Kentucky's Walk the Talk campaign was the brainchild of Shannon Stewart-Smith (shown left, below) & Roger Brown.  The Walk the Talk (WTT) Coalition organizes listening projects to engage Democratic voters who haven’t voted recently. Stewart-Smith recruited volunteers at the May Kentucky Coalition gathering and several Together Frankfort folks signed on, including Mark & Terry Strickland (ever patriotic Terry Strickland in the photo at right!).

The Stricklands are organizing now in Franklin County, KY. Click on this link to learn more about Together Frankfort's Partnership Team, Walk the Talk! to volunteer in Franklin County, KY, contact the Team at, ph. 859-806-7708.

Together Frankfort's Partnership Committee

Terry Strickland who, with her husband, Mark, head up the Walk the Talk Team!

Together Frankfort's Partnership Committee Co-chair, Ellen Nolan Turner, (left in above photo) attended the Women's March on WashingtonSister March in Lexington, KY..

Mary Lynn Collins (left) and Debbie Howes Fleming (right) meet with the tireless Jane Wilson Eller of  Indivisible Bluegrass, at the May Kentucky Coalition meeting. The coalition is an amazing network for building partnerships with others involved in rebuilding our democracy and an America we can believe in.