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Together Frankfort

Together Frankfort invites area citizens to share your Juneteenth story - your poem or essay, a song you've found or written, your plans for an with your church or civic group, how your business or industry will recognize Juneteenth, your letter to our Members of Congress asking that Juneteenth be made a national holiday, or WHATEVER you will be doing!

Sharing your story will inspire others to take part, learn more, work toward solutions to racism in Frankfort & Franklin County, KY!

Tell Us About Your Juneteenth Plans!

I'd like to join one of the Juneteenth organizing groups! And/or, I also have recommendations for other groups to include (see form below to provide your recommendation.)

If you would like to join or support any of the organizations involved in Juneteenth here in Frankfort, here are links to each of them.

Focus on Race Relations: Frankfort

For the People Coalition

Josephine Sculpture Park

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People - Frankfort

Together Frankfort

None of these, but I'd like to suggest this (organization, group, individual, church, business, governmental entity) to be included in Juneteenth 2022. Fill in the information below.