What are some Juneteenth events in which I can participate in Frankfort?

Frankfort's Juneteenth! Saturday, June 19, 2021, 7 PM, Grand Theatre, Frankfort.

Learn the history and context of the Juneteenth holiday and hear from key members of Frankfort's educational, spiritual, and cultural organizations as they engage in dialogue about the concept of freedom in Frankfort’s past, present and future. Be uplifted by poetry, prayer, and song shared by local community leaders and artists.
Partners: Focus on Race Relations- Frankfort (F.O.R.R.), Josephine Sculpture Park, The Grand Theatre, Frankfort Plant Board, Together Frankfort and Beta Upsilon Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.
Sponsored by Joe and Debbie Graviss
Ticket info: Limited seats are available, please call The Grand Theatre to reserve your seat in advance at

(502) 352-7469 - call soon. Seats are limited!

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As part of this 2021 Frankfort Juneteenth coalition, Together Frankfort has assembled this information (both historical and current) about Juneteenth, as a resource to the Frankfort and Franklin County, Kentucky, community. We recognize it is only a first step and not nearly complete.  If you have recommended additions, please share them with us through this link. You can also use the link to share your story about how you celebrate Juneteenth.

It is our hope that:

Each . . .  . . individual in Frankfort and Franklin County;

Each  . . . . . family, of any size, in Frankfort and Franklin County;

Each  . . . . .organization, civic group, youth group, or club in Frankfort and Franklin County;

Each  . . . . . church or gathering of those of faith in Frankfort and Franklin County;

Each  . . . . . business or industry, large or small, in Frankfort and Franklin County;

Each  . . . . . elected official, partisan or nonpartisan, elected by those in  Frankfort and Franklin County; 

Each  one and Every one . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

EVERYONE can study, learn, engage in dialogues, share, and take action to be better informed about the history of slavery, the Emancipation Proclamation & Kentucky's tortured relationship to emancipation, the 13th Amendment, and the work still needed to right the wrongs of racism. 

We challenge all local organizations, businesses, government officials, churches, as well as state and national entities, to consider actions appropriate to the group.






Learn about Frankfort and Franklin County's African American heritage, the leaders, the institutions, the hard work, the black owned businesses, the educational programs -- the opportunities ahead!

Together Frankfort

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2021 Juneteenth in Frankfort, Kentucky

Opportunities for Participation & Learning