In the map at left, the arrow indicates the location of District 1, in downtown & southern Franklin County.

The lowest map (purple section)shows District 1, enlarged. Then the map (below, right) shows the part of District 1 that includes South Frankfort & other areas in the city of Frankfort.

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Together Frankfort

The map of Franklin county, at left, shows all 6 magistrate districts, each in a different color.

District 1 is purple.

​Together Frankfort

Candidate for Franklin County Magistrate District 1

Sherry Sebastian (D)

DEMOCRAT:  Both candidates in the Primary Election were Democrats. Sherry Sebastian won the May Primary election & will be unopposed in the November 6, 2018 election.

REPUBLICAN: No Republican candidates filed for this race.

 Sherry Sebastian (click for candidate website)

Address: 248 River Valley Road
Frankfort KY 40601

Candidate Facebook page

Candidate Filing Signators:

  • Jeffrey Jagnow, 325 Ewing St., Frankfort KY

  • Katherine E. Hedden, 246 River Valley Road, Frankfort, KY 

Frankfort Plant Board Cable 10 Interview with Sherry Sebastian (click here)

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