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To donate online, click on the yellow "Donate" button below and follow directions. Thank you for your contribution!

Again, to donate by mail, write a check payable to "Together Frankfort." Please do not send cash through the U.S. Postal Service.  Mail the check, along with your contact information, to:

Together Frankfort, Post Office Box 870, Frankfort KY 40602-0870

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​Together Frankfort

 Together Frankfort operates on donations from our community. We sometimes need funds for advertising, printing, room rentals and other organizational expenses to make our meetings happen.

Our organizational expenses, to date, have been borne by:
  • the members of the Coordinating Committee,
  • the many, many kind donors who've pitched money into the donation basket at our meetings, and
  • one very generous and faithful supporter who has helped us out since the very beginning. 

We sincerely thank you for each and every amount contributed!

We hope you can attend our quarterly meetings and participate in our work, in whatever way that you can.  If you are able, we hope you write a check & mail it to:

             Together Frankfort
             Post Office Box 870
             Frankfort, KY 40602

Or if you prefer, you can bring cash or a check to make a donation at one of our meetings.  There's always a donation basket on the sign-in table.

Or, if you want to donate online, please use this secure, online service (yellow button below) to provide financial support. Start by clicking on the link below. Absolutely NO donation is too small! Thank you for your support!