Together Frankfort's Environment Team has met several times and is working on a number of issues, as well as conducting classes on energy conservation. The group schedules meetings and provides update through a Facebook group page (click on the link to the page).. Contact Elizabeth Hart (click here to email her directly), if you are interested in learning more about the Environment Team.

We also encourage you to review this Action Alert concerning the Frankfort Plant Board's power contract with the Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency, and contact plant board members as well as city officials, as soon as possible. More information is provided below, as well as links to supporting and referenced documents.

ACTION ALERT: Changes Needed to Frankfort Plant Board (FPB) Power Contract with Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency

(Click here to download a complete file with the information provided below.)

Why does the contract need to be changed?

What’s wrong with the Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency contract?

  • It was rushed to a vote in 2016 without proper review and without comparison to competitive bids from other power suppliers. The process neglected public input and Board concerns.
  • The 10-year commitments to power suppliers make exiting from the contract very difficult.
  • Actual costs to the Frankfort Plant Board, and thus to our community, are unknown because rates the Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency will charge have not been disclosed.

What does the Frankfort Plant Board need to do?

  • Hire qualified independent legal counsel to advise Frankfort Plant Board and pursue changes to the Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency contract.
  • Pursue all recommendations from consultant Energy + Environmental Economics (E3).
  • Solicit proposals for competitive power supply options and weigh alternatives.

What You Can Do:

  • Contact the FPB board of directors, talk to them about these concerns, and urge them to take action.

  • Frankfort Plant Board of Directors:
  • Walt Baldwin,  John Cubine,  Dawn Hale,  Ralph Ludwig,  Anna Marie Pavlik


  • Does the Frankfort Plant Board have the right to choose which power supplies serve our community?
  • How will KYMEA calculate our electric rates and what will they be?
  • What are the risks of being committed to coal-power contracts through 2029?
  • What will be the cost to ratepayers from the excess power capacity that KYMEA has committed to, but which its Members* do not need?
  • Why didn’t the Kentucky Municipal Energy  Agency give the Frankfort Plant Board more time to consider the contract before pushing for approval?

*The “Members” are FPB and the other municipal utilities that form the KYMEA.

Also contact Mayor Bill May, Frankfort City Commissioners, Judge Huston Wells, and County Magistrates to share your concerns.

Recommendations made to the Frankfort Plant Board by the consulting firm E3: (click on the link to connect to the complete document prepared by the firm E3)

  • The KYMEA power contract needs clarification on numerous issues:
  • Require unanimous Member approval for all power supplies that will serve all Members.
  • Provide Members the right to not be served by a power supply they do not want.
  • Provide the method for calculating Rates that will be charged to Members.
  • Clearly state that Frankfort Plant Board'’s Net Metering and Demand Response programs will not be unreasonably limited by Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency or other Members.

Changes needed to Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency management and interaction with Members:

  • Increase transparency and information sharing regarding project bids,power supply procurement, rate-making, and other Agency matters.
  • Use an Integrated Resource Planning process, with a 10 – 20 year planning horizon.
  • Use competitive bidding for professional consulting contracts.
  • Utilize Member resources (e.g. office space, staff support) to reduce Kentucky Municipal Energy Agency overhead costs.

For more information:

E3’s Reports to the FPB, other documents, and a webinar on the KYMEA are available online at:

Contact: Andy McDonald, EnvisionFranklinCounty, at