​Together Frankfort

During February &March, 2017, Together Frankfort worked on establishing a goal of improved civic engagement, education, and voter participation in Frankfort, KY. During this process, three priorities emerged as most important:

  1. Increased civic engagement and education on national policies affecting our community;
  2. Importance of forming partnerships and building a network with like-minded organizations in Central Kentucky;
  3. Improving communication skills, not only among the members of the group, but in communicating our interests and concerns to Members of Congress, state legislators, the Office of the Governor, and local elected officials.

Together Frankfort's working committees are organized around the three priorities:

The Civic Engagement/Education Committee established several teams:

Work of the Campaign Finance/Dark Money Team

Mary Lynn Collins & Libby Marshall, Co-chairs

The Campaign Finance/Dark Money Team launched the "Summer Study on the Impact of Money in Politics," in May 2017, featuring a presentation by Kentucky's 3rd Congressional District Congressman, Rep. John Yarmuth.  A Democrat, Rep. Yarmuth has sponsored legislation for a constitutional amendment to address dark money.  Yarmuth discussed not only the complex campaign finance issues, but also the national healthcare debate, ongoing at that time.

Additional meetings, panels and workshops make up this comprehensive study, which are further described in the links below.  Several study meetings have already occurred, as of 23 August 2017, and additional "Dark Money" events are planned for future dates.

Each of these events were attended by 50 - 75 citizens, with several folks driving in from Lexington, Louisville and Northern Kentucky. Together Frankfort thanks each person who has worked extensively to learn more about the impact of money in politics.

  • An August panel Presentation by representatives of: American Promise; Move to Amend; WOLF-PAC, three national organizations working extensively on overturning Citizens United.

  • In October, Together Frankfort will hold a forum at the Kentucky History Center with presentations in the field of campaign finance and its prevalence in Kentucky.

Take Back Our Elections!

Voter Engagement & Anti-Gerrymandering Committee