What Did Candidate Richard Tanner Tell Us?

How did the candidates reply to the questions? Together Frankfort asked questions concerning the six (6) issue areas below:

1.         Quality of life (including both economic and environmental issues, planning & zoning, and Tax Increment Financing)
2.         Voting
3.         Gun Violence
4.         Campaign Contributions
5.         Healthcare and
6.         Housing

Questions from Together Frankfort are 
in purple text; candidates' response are in black.​


Candidate Richard Tanner

~~ Together Frankfort: Quality of Life for All Citizens ~~

Together Frankfort: What proposals would you make to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Frankfort and Franklin County?

Candidate Richard Tanner:   One of the most important issues that can be addressed in any county or city. Without good quality of life there can be many negative things including growth.

Quality Education is a must: Even though County Magistrates have little to do with funding county schools. Encouragement and support of our teachers can be a start how our community is together on good education.

Crime prevention very positive: I would make sure that proper funding to reduce crime and enforce current laws be available. Making sure that our first responders are properly trained and there are ample numbers available to respond.

Recreation for youth and adults both: never can enough be said about the amount of opportunities for relaxing with a sport complex that is designed correct for both young and old. Including walking trails. Expanding the river walk and ensuring safety on it will be a priority.

Civic centers and indoor pool for a community this size is certainly not out of question. Encouraging growth in our private owned restaurant businesses that can provide good dining experiences is also a must.  Support of the Health Department which is doing  great job. Good health in the county is positive for quality of life 

There are many other things that must be expanded on but I have listed only a few and in no particular order.

Together Frankfort: Describe your vision for sustainable economic growth in Franklin County.

Candidate Richard Tanner:   Economic growth for Franklin County starts with a new and improved comprehensive plan. Current one is 20 years old. Funding FCDC is a must. The economic growth in the county and city must have a good development group that is focused on growth. Smart growth is a buzz word that is not consistently  defined. Putting as many of retired buildings to new purposes is always important but never all or nothing.  

Together Frankfort: What could our community do to address climate change? 

Candidate Richard Tanner:  Climate change is an issue that is bigger than Franklin County. However, any industry that is recruited to this area should be compliant in the CO2 emissions. Consider changing the county fleet to more fuel efficient vehicles or electric. Green space is one area that is adequate in this County and to impose green space in another county is not an issue that local politicians can address. 

Together Frankfort: What are your priorities for Planning and Zoning?

Candidate Richard Tanner:   Planning and Zoning: a good well dedicated and diverse commission is a need that will never go away. Quick and consistence decisions based on fact and a not personality has to be. A complete vetting of potential members will happen. Approval or denial should come quickly. The P&Z must act much more quickly.

2023 should bring a new Comprehensive Plan. The commission must be prepared

Together Frankfort: In what circumstances would you support using Tax Increment Financing (TIF)?

Candidate Richard Tanner:  There are very few instances where these should be used. Currently very few are used in the Commonwealth. However, they are a tool for development that has a place.     

Together Frankfort: Voting - Only 33% of eligible Franklin County voters participated in the last election and that was considered a good turnout. What do you think can be done to increase voter turnout and engagement?

Candidate Richard Tanner: Voter turnout is foundation of our democracy and must be encouraged all the time.

Jeff Hancock has done a good job making it easy to vote and very secure. There is no excuse for not voting.

Start with our youth and teach civics. Schools have reduced this and should put emphasis on this again. Registering people to vote is always good, but will not change the percent only the number, which is also important. 

Together Frankfort: What is your opinion about election security in Franklin County?

Candidate Richard Tanner: Election security is the responsibly of the sheriff and the Clerk. The elections in Kentucky are very secure. County clerks need only say what they need to prevent election fraud and they will get it. 

~~~~~ Gun Violence ~~~~~

Together Frankfort: What specific measures do you believe could reduce gun violence in Kentucky and if elected, what would you do to make sure those measures are put in place?

Candidate Richard Tanner:  Making sure that the gun laws (that exists in KY) are enforced. Lobby for back ground checks for all gun purchases. Waiting periods of at least 4 days and stop flea market exemptions, would be a start. Unfortunately local officials have been band from passing ordnances that exceed state laws. Buy back maybe.

Together Frankfort: Suicides account for 66% of all gun deaths in Kentucky. Do you have proposals that would reduce those deaths?  

Candidate Richard Tanner:  Becoming more involved and better able to recognize folks that need help is a must. We obviously are not aware enough. Waiting periods on gun purchases. Provide mental health counselling and better train our officers and others to recognize stressed people. Help centers could be established and properly run.   

ogether Frankfort: The federal government has just passed legislation that would send money to Kentucky for gun violence prevention--specifically for enacting a red flag law or something similar. How would you propose to spend that money to prevent gun violence in our commonwealth?
Candidate Richard Tanner:   KY is a far away from passing any. There are currently around 30 states that don’t have one. Now with the money that is coming to Ky maybe “Mental Health Courts” such as our drug courts can be established.   This could force the voluntary reduction of gun violence plus help in suicides. 

~~~~~ Campaign Contributions ~~~~~

Together Frankfort: What is your position on Dark Money?

Candidate Richard Tanner:  There should be no dark money. If a politician is not willing to say where the money came from they should not take it.

Together Frankfort: Will you identify all contributors to your campaign, including those who contribute to political action committees that support you? 

Candidate Richard Tanner:  All will be identified plus any PAC money.

~~~~~ Health Care ~~~~~

Together Frankfort: What is your position on reproductive health care for women and Constitutional Amendment #2?

​Candidate Richard Tanner:  Vote no!! It is a woman choice what she wants not mine.

Reproductive health is far more than just Abortion. 

Together Frankfort: What is your position on expanding mental health care in Franklin County?

Candidate Richard Tanner:  Mental Health Courts are a must. Training of our officers and Jailers so they can more readily identify disturbed people. Counseling at our jail could be done with a contract. None should ever be put in jail. They currently do a good job with that but finding a place for mental folks is difficult. Our Health Department is a place that could play into the mix. They see people every day that may need help. The FCHD is very professional and is a great asset.

~~~~~ Housing ~~~~~

Together Frankfort: Would you, if elected, tackle our affordable housing crisis by supporting a city/county ordinance that adopts the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act (URLTA) to define the rights of renting citizens and families and landlords, and follow the lead of other towns and cities by adopting regulations on Airbnb and other short-term rentals?

Candidate Richard Tanner: URLTA: Contract that protects both the landlord and the tenant as long as it does not discriminate is good.

Airnb:  Establish a Working Task Force of stake holders that would develop a set of regulations for a ordnance that is fair to owners renters and local governments. Some points to consider should include effect on number of short term rentals, collecting taxes, cutting down the number of available homes in the area, length of stay and other points that the Group should decide on.  


Thank you, Candidate Richard Tanner, for responding to Together Frankfort's questionnaire.  For readers interested in discussing these issues further with Mr. Tanner, his contact information can be found by clicking here.

Kentucky's 2022 General Election

Franklin County, Kentucky

Together Frankfort sent questionnaires to all candidates for Franklin County Fiscal Court magistrate position candidates.  Of the six magisterial districts, two are "contested" races, meaning that a candidate from each party (Democratic & Republican) is running.

Candidate Richard Tanner won the May 2022 primary for the Democratic candidate from Franklin County Magisterial District 5

Candidate Tanner has no opposition in the General Election on November 8.​​