Duties of the Franklin County Clerk 

According to the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission's publication, Duties of Elected County Officials, (Informational Bulletin 114, Updated November 2017), the Constitution of Kentucky of 1850 was the first to mention the office of county court clerk, providing for a clerk’s election in each county for a term of 4 years (Art. VI, sec. 1). The current constitution requires the election of a county court clerk in each county for a term of 4 years (Ky. Const., sec. 99).
Before the institution of the unified state court system, the county court clerk served as the clerk of the juvenile, county, and quarterly courts. Since the time when the District Court replaced these courts, the clerk has no longer had judicial duties, and the name of the office has been abbreviated to county clerk to more accurately reflect the nature of the office.
The duties of the county clerk fall into the general categories of clerical duties of the fiscal court:

  • issuing and registering,

  • recording and keeping various legal records,

  • registering and purging voter rolls,

  • conducting election duties, and

  • conducting tax duties.

Jeff Hancock, photo from the Franklin County (KY) government website.

 Candidate for County Clerk 

Candidate for Franklin County Clerk 

Jeff Hancock, ** a Democrat who currently holds the office of Franklin County Clerk, filed for re-election on November 8, 2017. No other candidates, either Democrat or Republication, filed for the office. Hancock's name will appear, unopposed, on the ballot in the November general election.

Franklin County Clerk
Jeff Hancock
315 West Main St.
Frankfort, KY 40602
Phone: 502-875-8702
Fax: 502-875-8718
Email: Jeff.hancock@ky.gov

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