On Monday, October 14, Together Frankfort member, Dawn Hale served her first meeting as a member of the Frankfort Plant Board. Congratulations Dawn! Member Andy McDonald urged Together Frankfort members to attend the Frankfort Plant Board Meeting, on151 Flynn Ave., Frankfort, Kentucky

Andy McDonald has outlined his concerns about the FPB's contract with KyMEA. Click on this link to see the full program.

On Saturday, October 14, Together Frankfort cosponsored and participated in Frankfort 1st Kentucky Capital Pride Festival, sponsored by the Frankfort Fairness Coalition

On Kentucky's Old State Capitol Lawn, West Broadway, Together Frankfort members Kathy Murphy and Linda Waller organized an amazing booth for Frankfort's First Kentucky Capital Pride Festival. As part of the activities Together Frankfort offered Voter Registration, signing up many new voters for U.S. & Kentucky elections!

Allow Kentucky's citizens to vote safely in November.

Together Frankfort

​Together Frankfort