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​​​​Together Frankfort

We held our first meeting on January 6, 2017. We traveled to Washington, Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati to march as part of the national Women's March on Washington!

After returning from the marches, we organized a "debriefing meeting" for early February 2017. We made contact with Indivisible Kentucky and the national Women's March on Washington organizers in Kentucky.

Congressional efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act caused our organization to focus intensely on national healthcare issues. We launch campaigns to educate ourselves and our community about national healthcare policy.

Together Frankfort's January 2017 Activities

We contacted our Sixth Congressional District Representative Andy Barr, and invited him to march with us!

Barr declined. . . . . but, nonetheless, we gave him a pink border for his photo, since he didn't have the requisite pussy hat.