Senator-Elect Gex "Jay" Williams (R)

Gex Williams for Kentucky State Senate

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About the Job of Kentucky Senator

Kentucky follows a bicameral form of government consisting of a Senate & a House of Representatives. The legislative branch enacts laws; the judicial branch interprets laws; an the executive branch administers laws. 

In Carrying out its role, the legislature:

~  Enacts the state’s laws,

~  Prepares and enacts  a state budget, which covers all three branches of government

~  Levies taxes.

The constitution requires the General Assembly to divide the state into 38 Senate districts and 100 House districts as nearly equal in population as possible. The General Assembly must review the districts at least every 10 years & redivide them if necessary.

Where is Kentucky Senate District (SD) 20?

During the 2021 legislative session, Kentucky's General Assembly enacted redistricting legislation which changed the make up of Senate district 20.  Franklin county was moved into the district, as the southern most county. SD 20 now includes: Franklin, Owen, Carroll, as it moves north, then east to include Gallatin, & parts of Boone & Kenton counties (northern Kentucky).  The map above shows the location of District 20, the counties & portions of counties which it includes.

The Ohio River borders most of the northern portion of the district. The western part of the district is bordered by (north to south) Trimble, Henry & Shelby counties. The southern portion (Franklin County) borders Anderson & Woodford counties.  To the east, (north to south) the district is bordered by the northern portions of Boone & Kenton Counties, Owen & Scott counties.

Kentucky Senate District 20 Elected Republican Gex "Jay" Williams

Eligibility to Serve as a Kentucky Senator

To be eligible to serve in the Kentucky State Senate, a candidate must be:

~  At least 30 years of age at the time of the election
~  A citizen of Kentucky
~  Resided in the state 6 years preceding the election
~  Resided in the district for the last year

Members of the Kentucky State Senate serve four-year terms and are not subject to term limits. Kentucky legislators assume office the first day of January after their election.

Senate District (SD) 20 Elected Republican Gex "Jay" Williams over Democrat Teresa Azbill Barton


Four Republicans filed & competed in the May 2022 Primary: Phyllis Sparks, Boone County; Calen Studler, Franklin County; Mike Templeman, Franklin County; and, Gex "Jay" Williams, Boone County. The Republican winner, Gex "Jay" Williams, ran against Democrat Theresa Azbill Barton, who had been unopposed in Kentucky's May Primary Election, during the 2022 November General Election.

Together Frankfort sent questionnaires to both candidates in the General Election.  Candidate Williams did not respond to the questionnaire.  Candidate Teresa Azbill Barton (D) completed the questionnaire, and her ideas and recommendations can be found through this link. Together Frankfort sincerely thanks candidate Barton for her taking the time to share her ideas during an extremely busy election season.  We encourage all voters to review Barton's responses, which cover the areas of economic development, health care, housing, gun safety, and other topics.

In the 2022 November General Election, Senate District 20 voters elected Republican Gex "Jay" Williams to represent them in Kentucky's Senate.  Together Frankfort encourages all citizens to stay in touch with Senator-Elect Williams and share your ideas and recommendations as the 2023 General Assembly gets underway. His contact information will be available on the Kentucky Legislative Research Commission website.