School Districts' Boards of Directors 

Frankfort Independent School District (scroll down for candidates) and

Franklin County School District

What does a school board member do?

The Kentucky School Boards Association (KSBA) provides a school board member job description, which includes a listing of nine (9) qualifications, required by Kentucky state statures, to run for the job. Take a minute, click this link, and learn more about the job of a school board member.

The local school board, whether county of city, has supervisory responsibilities:  The school board has direct supervisory responsibility for the district superintendent. The school board reports to the community as their elected trustee.

The school board has "performance responsibilities" which include the ability to function effectively as a team, to carry out the following: 

  • ~  Build School District Leadership
  • ~  Provide Fiscal Oversight
  • ~  Manage District Policies
  • ​~  Advocate for Public Education
  • ​~  Foster Board Team Effectiveness

Who are current Board Members for Frankfort and Franklin County Public Schools?

The Franklin County School District Board of Education is located at 190 Kings Daughters Drive #300, Frankfort, KY 40601, and can be contacted by phone: 502-695-6700.

For the purpose of school district governance, Franklin County is divided into 5 districts.  One board member is elected from each district, who serves on the Franklin County School Board. 

The map below shows the 5 districts, each in a distinctive different color.  Also included is a corresponding color coded square which names the precincts in that district. 

  • District ONE (1), represented by Justin Watterson, is shown in pale RED.
  • District TWO (2), represented  by Larry Perkins, is shown in light GREEN.
  • District THREE (3), represented by Belinda Henson, is shown in PINK.
  • District FOUR (4), represented by Chuck Fletcher, is shown in BEIGE.
  • District FIVE (5), represented by Natalie Lile,  is shown in BLUE.

The five (5) board members districts include the following precincts: 

  • Effective 1/1/2017
    District 1— Justin Watterson (2017), shown in red on the map below, representing these precincts: Sunset, Green Hill, Tierra Linda, Arnold, Scruggs, Silver Lake, Ridgeview, Russell, Owenton Rd.

    *District 2 -- Larry Perkins  (2019) shown in light green on the map below, representing these precincts:  Jett, Country Club, Stations Spring, Switzer, Forks, Swallowfield, Peaks Mill, Switzer (Running for re-election; see candidate info  below.)

    District 3 – BeLinda Henson (2014), shown in purple/pink on the map below, representing these precincts: South Benson, Evergreen, Bald Knob, St. John, Choateville, Bridgeport-Botkins, Collins Lane

    District 4 – Chuck Fletcher (2017), shown in
     beige  on the map below, representing these precincts: Bellview, Crestwood, Schenkel Lane, Glenwood, Thorn Hill, Fairview, Hickory Hills, Franklin Heights, Bellepoint (Buttimer Hill)

  • *District 5 – Natalie Lile (2017), shown in blue on the map below, representing these precincts: Farmdale, Cloverdale, Thistleton, Green Wilson, Louisville Road, Westgate, North Westgate (Running for re-election; see candidate info below).

Election Results:  Candidates filed for election (Penny Simpson for District Two 2; Lambert Moore for District Five) and for re-election (Larry Perkins for District Two; and Natalie Lile for District Five).  On November 8, 2022, both incumbents - Larry Perkins, District Two (2) and Natalie Lile, District Five (5) were re-elected to represent their districts on the in their s School Boar Districts

Margaret Ann Tillman

9 Fannin Court

Frankfort KY 40601 

Phone: 502.209.0334


​Candidate Facebook Page 

Frankfort and Franklin County School District

Board of Directors Elected November 8, 2022

Donna Hecker

14 Dogwood Lane
Frankfort, KY 40601

Phone: 502.330.5835


​Candidate Facebook Page 

School District Boards of Directors 

Frankfort Independent School District

How do we get more information about the Frankfort Independent School District?

The Frankfort Independent School District Board of Education is located at 959 Leestown Lane, Frankfort, Kentucky (KY) 40601 and can be contacted by phone at (502) 875-8661. Click here to access their website.

Unlike the county school district governance, Frankfort Independent School Board directors are elected "at large," meaning that each director represents the whole district. 

Who are current Board Members for Frankfort Independent School District? 

Frankfort Independent School District Board Members

Jina Greathouse, Chairperson
Amelia Berry
Becky Barnes
David Garnett
Tasha Jones

Two candidates have filed for election to fill the two open positions of Frankfort Independent School District Board Member.​​

School Board Member Natalie Lile Running for Re-election

Larry B. Perkins - Re-elected

Franklin County School District 2

District 2 is shown in green on the map above.

*Natalie R. Lile


923 Belvoir Dr.

Frankfort KY 40601

Phone:  (502) 229-4499


​Facebook Page 


Natalie Lile - Re-elected

Franklin County School District 5

District 5 is shown in blue on the map above.

School Board Candidate Donna Hecker

*Larry B. Perkins


520 Wright Rd.

Frankfort KY 40601

Phone:  (502) 227-7834

Email: N/A

Facebook Page (Personal)


School Board Candidate Margaret Ann Tillman
Larry B. Perkins, Franklin County School Board Candidate