Jeffrey Alan Sizemore (D)

Franklin County District 3 Constable


1311 Seneca Trail
Frankfort, KY 40601

Phone: 502.352.0021
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Jeffrey Alan Sizemore (D)

District 3  Constable

Candidate for Franklin County District 3 - Kelly Dycus

Franklin County District 3 Constable-Elect Jeffrey A. Sizemore

Also Currently the District 3 Constable

Background: Two Democrats, Matt Green and Jeffrey Alan Sizemore, filed to run for the office of District 3 Constable in the May 22 Primary (more information about the May 17, 2022 Primary Election can be found here).  The winner was Jeffrey Alan Sizemore, with 52.99% of the vote (according to unofficial results from the Franklin County Clerk's office). Because no Republican candidate filed for the office, Sizemore will be unopposed on the November 2022 General Election Ballot. 

As noted above, Sizemore had no opposition going in to the 2022 November General Election.  However, because of the resignation of then-current District 3 Constable, Taylor Woodside, the seat was vacant going into the General Election.  Since Sizemore had no opposition and would take the District 3 seat in November, Franklin County Judge Executive Huston Wells appointed Sizemore to serve as the District 3 constable. 

Kelly Dycus (D)

District 3 Magistrate-Elect

Magistrates in Franklin County, Kentucky

Candidates Speak Up!

We Appreciate Magistrate-Elect Dycus for Speaking Up!

To better understand local candidates' positions on various civic issues, Together Frankfort sent questionnaires to all candidates for selected local offices.  These included each candidate for:

Frankfort Board of Commissioners 
Franklin County Judge Executive
Franklin County Fiscal Court Candidates in District 1 - District 6. 

District 3 Magistrate - Click here for Magistrate-Elect Dycus's Responses to the  Questionnaire. (Responses from other candidates can be found here, or on the page for each Fiscal Court District election.)

KY House District 56      KY House District 57   KY Senate District 20

Though Together Frankfort's leadership understood that the Frankfort State Journals would publish the candidates' responses to the questionnaire prior to the election, unfortunately the newspaper chose not to do so.  We only learned of their decision not to publish these on the eve of early voting days. Therefore we are providing the responses through links to those candidates who replied. 

We are sincerely appreciative to the candidates who provided thoughtful responses, creative ideas, and timely information.  Please review their ideas .

Kelly Dycus (D)

Franklin County District 3


Phone: 502.320.3873  
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 Franklin County Magisterial District 3 - Magistrate-Elect Dycus & Constable Sizemore

What are magistrates and constables

The page provides information about Franklin County's Magisterial District 3. Magisterial districts are represented by "Justices of the Peace" or more commonly known as "Magistrates." The position is a partisan office, meaning that candidates must declare the political party for which they seek to be elected to represent. If more than one candidate from each political party files for the office, a Primary Election is held to determine who will represent that party for the General Election, in November. During the General Election, voters in each district select one candidate of their choice (Democrat or Republican) to represent the district on the Franklin County Fiscal Court, the county's governing body, along with the County Judge Executive. 

constable is also elected from each district. They are charged with & serve various court documents such as summons, civil actions & warrants.  There are six district constables (click for a listing of current constables), each responsible for one of the six Magisterial Districts of Franklin County.

Franklin County Magisterial District 3 General Election Winners:

Kelly Dycus, Magistrate-Elect; Jeffrey Sizemore, Constable

Election Results: Kelly Dycus, Magistrate-Elect from District 3.

Background: Two Democrats, Kelly Dycus & James (Bo) Sutherland, filed to run in the May Primary.  More information about the May Primary for Franklin County District 3 Magistrate can be found here. The winner of the Primary was Kelly Dycus, with 55.33% of the total vote (unofficial results as posted on the Franklin County Clerk's website).The Republican candidate, Greg Grimes, was unopposed on the May Primary ballot.


General Election November 8, 2022: Kelly Dycus, who won the Democratic Primary in May, competed against Greg Grimes, the Republican, who had no opposition in the May Primary Election. Dycus (D) won the General Election with a vote of 1,773 votes (55%) to 1,471 (45%), for Greg Grimes (R). 

Election Results: Jeffrey Alan Sizemore, Current Constable and Constable-Elect from District 3.

Sizemore won the Kentucky General election on November 8, 2022 with no opposition.  However, because of the resignation of the current Constable, Taylor  Woodside, the seat was vacant for a month before the General Election.  On October 24, 2022, Franklin County Judge Executive appointed Sizemore to fill out the 2022 term.  Since Sizemore had no opposition in the General Election, his winning position ensured that he would remain in officd as the District 3 Constable.​​​

Where is Franklin County Magisterial District 3?

​Franklin County's Third Magisterial District is shown in the enlarged section to the right of the map of Franklin County. The far eastern section of the district forms part of the eastern border of Franklin County, adjacent to Scott County and Woodford County. The map of Franklin county, below, shows all 44 voting precincts. These precincts are grouped to form six (6) magisterial districts, which are required by law to include a population similar in number, in each district. District 3 (click here for a more detailed map of District 3) is made up of seven (7) precincts: Arnold, Forks, Ridgeview, Russell, Schenkel Lane, Scruggs, and Silver Lake.  

Franklin County District 3 Constable Candidate Jeffrey Alan Sizemore