Duties of the Coroner

In Kentucky, the office of coroner was elective under the 1st constitution in 1792 (Art. VI, sec. 1). Under the 2nd constitution in 1799, the governor was allowed to appoint the coroner. In 1850, the coroner’s office was again made elective. Section 99 of Kentucky’s present constitution establishes the office of coroner as an elected county office with a 4-year term.
Qualifications.  The coroner must:

  • Be at least 24 years of age at the time of election,
  • Be a citizen of Kentucky, a resident of the state for at least 2 years preceding election, and
  • Be a resident for at least 1 year in the county of election (section 100).

The constitution also requires the coroner to take an oath of office (Ky. Const., sec. 228; KRS 72.010) and execute bond insuring the proper discharge of duties (Ky. Const., sec. 103; KRS 72.010). Premiums on the bond of the coroner may be paid from county funds when appropriated by the fiscal court. The bond must be in a minimum amount of $10,000 (KRS 72.010). A coroner must possess a current certificate of continuing education in order to perform a postmortem examination (KRS 72.405).
Vacancy. If Franklin County has a vacancy in the office of coroner, the county judge/executive must appoint a person to flil the position. Section 152 of Kentucky's constitution governs the length of the appointment, which will be until the successor is elected (KRS 63.220).
Powers & Duties. Coroners & their deputies have the full power & authority of peace officers, including:

  • the power to arrest
  • to bear arms; and,
  • to administer oaths.

In performing investigations, the coroner or a deputy may enter public or private property; seize evidence; interrogate persons; and require the production of medical records, documents, or evidence. The coroner may impound vehicles involved in fatal accidents. The coroner may employ special investigators and photographers in making an investigation and expend funds in carrying out official duties (KRS 72.415).

More information about the role of coroner in county government, the training and continuing education programs, and other aspects of this elected office can be found at:

Candidate William C. Harrod

Frankfort, KY,  40601
Phone: (502) 227-4526 (Coroner's Office)

Phone: (502) 227-4526 (Candidate's business office; no candidate phone)

Twitter:  @CEOHarrods

Business email (no candidate email available): fcc.harrod@franklincountyky.com

Candidate for Franklin County Coroner

Franklin County Coroner William C Harrod

Candidates for the Office of Franklin County Coroner

Democrat: The incumbent county coroner, Will Harrod, was the only candidate to file for the office of Franklin County Coroner. He will run unopposed in both the general election.

Republican: No Republican candidates filed to run for the office of coroner.