​​​*Kelly May


582 Hopi Trail

Frankfort KY 40601

Phone:  502.875.8500

E-mail: kellymayforcommissioner@gmail.com

Candidate Facebook


Kelly May - Candidate Facebook Page

Kyle Thompson


120 Northridge Court 

Frankfort KY 40601

Phone: 502.229.8889

E-mail: thompsonattorney@gmail.com

Candidate website

Candidate Facebook

*Katrisha Waldridge


532 Poa Drive

Frankfort KY 40601 

Phone: 502.667.2394

E-mail: Katrishaforfrankfort@gmail.com


Candidate website

Candidate Facebook


*​​Leesa Gayle Unger


421 Lewis Street

​Frankfort KY 40601

Phone:  502.395.0364

Email: leesaungerforfrankfort@gmail.com

Email: lunger@frankfort.ky.gov

Candidate website

Candidate Facebook


Frankfort Board of Commissioners

Elected November 8, 2022

Together Frankfort sent questionnaires to all candidates running for the city's Board Commissioners.  Links to their responses can be found by clicking the link "response to questionnaire" by each name below.  The following six candidates filed to run for Frankfort City Commission, with only four seats available:

     Dawn Hale - Response to questionnaire

     J.C. Karsner - Did not reply.

     Kelly May - Response to questionnaire

     Kyle Thompson - Response to questionnaire

     Leesa Unger - Did not reply.

     Katrisha Waldridge - Response to questionnaire

Those pictured below were elected in the the 2022 Kentucky General Election on November 8: Kelly May; Kyle Thompson; Leesa Unger; and, Katrisha Waldridge. 

*Incumbent Candidate

Photo above from City of Frankfort website; candidate photos from their website, Facebook or city government pages.

Commissioner Leesa Unger is seeking re-election
Candidate Kyle Thompson