Thank you for your interest in Volunteering for Voting in Kentucky's 2022 General Election!


Increasing voter registration; improving voter turnout!

​Section 1 - Voter Registration Guidelines

One of the most important aspects of voter registration and voter education programs is to provide information that is totally nonpartisan, impartial, and based on the facts of Kentucky's election laws.  A portion of this sign up requires you to pledge to participate as a volunteer and to respect and implement the legal requirements of nonpartisanship and information based on Kentucky's election and voting laws. ​

Please complete the following information so we will know how to get in touch, what skills you bring to this volunteer initiative, and begin our work ASAP.  Also please indicate any areas in which you would like to offer training in voter registration and improving voter participation - read & review all information in numbers 1 - 3.​

Section 2 - Together Frankfort's Sign-Up for 2022 Voter Registration Campaigns​

Section 3 of Together Frankfort's Voter Registration Campaign -

The Following are Penalties Under Kentucky's Election Laws

KRS 119.025: No person may be registered to vote in more than one precinct or in a precinct where he is not a legal voter or gives false information when registering to vote.
Class D Felony

KRS 119.035: No person may fraudulently or unlawfully alter any registration record.
Class D Felony

KRS 119.045: No person may forcibly prevent another person from registering or interfere with the duties of a registration officer.
Class A misdemeanor

KRS 119.207:
No person may compensate another person for registering voters based upon the total number of voters a person registers or the total number of voters a person registers for a particular party.
Class B misdemeanor​