HD 57

Candidates for the office of  House District 57 Representative

The Kentucky House of Representatives is the lower house of the Kentucky General Assembly.  Composed of 100 Representatives, members are elected from single-member districts throughout the Commonwealth. Not more than two counties can be joined to form a House district, except when necessary to preserve the principle of equal representation. 

A member of Kentucky's House of Representatives must be:

At least 24 years old,

A citizen of Kentucky, and

Must have lived in the state for at least 2 years & in the

district for 1 year prior to election.

Representatives are elected for two-year (2) terms, with no term limits.

The entire House is elected every 2 years.

House District 57 includes the western portion of Franklin County, except for portions adjacent to Woodford County, as noted on the map to the right. HD 57 is bordered on the north by Henry County & Owen County; to the west by Shelby County, & to the south by Anderson & Woodford Counties.

The maps below identify House District 57 in the map on the left.  The map on the right shows an enlarged portion of House District 57 which takes in a large portion of the City of Frankfort.

Kentucky House District 57

Rep. Derrick Graham (Democrat)

Photo source:  Kentucky Legislative Research Commission

Derrick Graham, the Democratic incumbent, filed to run again in the 2022 election. Republican Gary Stratton filed to run also. Since only one candidate filed in each political party, no primary was held for this office.  The two candidates will vie for the office in the November 8, 2022 general election.


Gary Stratton for State Representative
P.O. Box 324
Frankfort, KY 40602-0324

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HD 57
HD 57

Gary Stratton (Republican)

Photo source:  Candidate website


Rep. Derrick W. Graham

157 Bellemeade Dr
Frankfort, KY 40601

​Phone (home): (502)223-1769

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Candidate website

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​Twitter:  @repgrahamky

Enlarged portion of map at left - HD 57 in Frankfort