Kentucky's 2022 General Election Results:


Elected Officials Representing Franklin County in 2023

Kentucky's Primary Election, held on May 17, 2022, paved the way toward the General Election, which was completed on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.  Kentucky conducts political party primaries before each General Election, but only for the state's two major parties, Republicans and Democrats. In the General Election, all registered voters can participate, which includes voters from several additional parties.

Voters registered with other political parties also vote in Kentucky's General Election. State law requires that the State Board of Elections track the following  political organizations and political groups: 

​~  Constitution Party

~  Green Party

~  Libertarian Party

~  Reform Party

~  Socialist Workers Party

​~  Voters of independent status​​

Stay in touch with our 2023 Elected Officials

The following links connect to the offices for which voters saw on the November 2022 ballot. 

Together Frankfort urges all citizens to stay in contact with elected officials who govern our city, county, state, and nation.  Share your ideas for how they could help our community, our county, our Commonwealth, & our nation.

Local Elected Offices in Frankfort & Franklin County

~  Click here: 2023 Frankfort Board of Commissioners (BOC)

~   Click here: 2023 Franklin County Elected Officials

 Click here: 2023 Franklin County & Frankfort Independent School Boards

City of Frankfort:  Sign up for notices of Frankfort Board of Commissioners meetings, and other community activities organized by the City of Frankfort. Subscribe to Frankfort's Cable 10 YouTube network to view videos of recent commission meetings, community events, and other activities.

Franklin County:  Stay informed about Franklin County's Fiscal Court meetings, events, and other activities through their "Newsfeed." Subscribe to the Franklin County YouTube channel to view videos of special events, fiscal court meetings, and other county government activities.

Franklin County School System:  Keep up to date about Franklin County schools through:

~   Subscribing to the Franklin County Schools OneTeamFCS YouTube channel.

​~   Follow the school system activities, including notice of board meetings, on Facebook or Twitter @OneTeamFCS

Frankfort Independent School System: Stay informed about Frankfort city schools through this link to their livefeed webpage. Information about school schedules, closings, activities, sports, and other matters can be found on their Facebook page, on YouTube, or the Frankfort Independent Schools Media Portal Home.

State Officials Elected to Represent Franklin County

~  Click here: Kentucky House District 56 - Daniel Fister (R)

~  Click here: Kentucky House District 57 - Derrick Graham (D) 

~  Click here: Kentucky Senate District 20 - Gex "Jay" Williams (R)

Keep in touch with actions of the Kentucky General Assembly by signing up for their automated system for tracking bills, as well as for their Office of Public Information notices.  Contact individual legislators through their email address or the phone numbers listed on these pages of the LRC website.

Citizens can view, on Kentucky Educational Television, not only the legislative committees discussing proposed bills, but can also watch the full legislative discussions on the floor of both Chambers, the House and the Senate.

Learn more about specific issues, programs, events, held by the Kentucky General Assembly through their YouTube channel, Legislative Research Commission (LRC) Capitol Connections.  Subscribe here. Citizens can subscribe, also  on YouTube, for the Legislative Committee meetings, seminars, presentations and other activities. Subscribe here

~  Click here: Franklin Judicial Circuit 48, Division 1 - Phillip J. Shepherd

Citizens can learn more about the Franklin judicial system through this link.

National Officials Elected to Represent Franklin County

Click here: U.S. Congress from Congressional District 1 - James Comer (R)

~ Click here: United States Senator - Rand Paul (R)