​​​​​​​​Franklin County, KY Judge Executive-Elect Michael Mueller

What is the job of a County Judge Executive in Kentucky?

​Franklin county's judge/executive is the chief executive of the county & has all the powers & perform all the duties of an executive & administrative nature vested in, or imposed upon, the county or its fiscal county by law, or by agreement with any municipality (such as Frankfort) or other subdivision of government, & such additional powers as are granted by the fiscal court. Franklin county's judge/executive is responsible for the proper administration of the affairs of Franklin County, including, but are not limited to, the following, though many other related duties are included:

(1) Provide for the execution of all ordinances & resolutions of the fiscal court,

execute all contracts entered into by the fiscal court,

& provide for the execution of all Kentucky's laws subject to county enforcement;

(2) Prepare & submit to the fiscal court for approval an administrative code

incorporating the details of administrative procedure

for the operation of the county, with periodic review & revisions; 

(3) Furnish Franklin County's fiscal court with information concerning the operations of the county departments, boards, or commissions, necessary for the fiscal court to exercise its powers;

(4) Require all officials, elected or appointed, whose offices use county funds, & all boards,

special districts, & commissions exclusive of city governments & their agencies

in the county to make an annual financial report to the fiscal court concerning

the business & condition of their office, department, board, commission, or special districts;

(5) Consistent with procedures set forth in KRS Chapter 68,

prepare and submit to the fiscal court

an annual budget and administer the provisions of the budget when adopted by the fiscal court;

(6) Exercise with the approval of the fiscal court the authority to

appoint, supervise, suspend, and remove county personnel (unless otherwise provided by state law); and

These and other duties of the office are set out in state law: Effective: July 15, 1988

History: Amended 1988 Ky. Acts ch. 338, sec. 1, effective July 15, 1988. -- Amended 1986 Ky. Acts ch. 101, sec. 1, effective July 15, 1986. -- Created 1076 Ky. Acts ch. 20, sec. 3, effective January 2, 1978. Legislative Research Commission Note. See Legislative Research Commission Note following KRS 67.710.

​Who won the General Election for Franklin County Judge Executive?

​Background: In Kentucky, the office of County Judge Executive is a partisan elected office - candidates for the job must declare their political affiliation when filing for election.  Three Democrats (Michael Mueller, Steve Shelton, Huston D. Wells) filed to run for the office and one Republican (Ken Carroll) filed.  For more information about the candidates in the primary, click this link.

Michael Mueller won both the Democratic race in Franklin County's May primary and the General Election, held on Tuesday, November 8, 2022.  To stay up to date about the activities of the Franklin County Fiscal Court and the Office of the Judge Executive, explore their webpage by clicking here. To contact the office of the fiscal court directly, call Monday – Friday, 8 am – 4:30 pm, (502) 875-8751. To ask a specific question of Franklin County government, click here and complete the form.

Stay informed about Franklin County government!

Sign up, through this link, for the Franklin County Fiscal Court's "News Feed" and you'll receive notice of meetings, events, county park programs, county road and street closings, job opportunities, and other matters. You ,can also follow the Fiscal Court and Judge Executive, to learn about upcoming meetings & events, about job opportunities, information on county roads, and other matters, on Facebook and YouTube (@franklincounty51). 


The Rest of the Story - Please read all candidates' responses, whether or not that candidate won the election.  Everyone shared good ideas!

Though Together Frankfort's leadership understood that the Frankfort State Journal would publish the candidates' responses to the questionnaire prior to the election, unfortunately the newspaper chose not to do so.  Therefore we are providing the responses through links to those candidates who replied. 

We are sincerely appreciative to the candidates who provided thoughtful responses, creative ideas, and timely information.  Please take the time to review their ideas and contact them to explore their proposals further.

​​​​​​ Franklin County 

Judge Executive

Michael Mueller

Elected November 2022



Candidates Speak Up!

We Appreciate Franklin County Judge/Executive-Elect 

Michael Mueller for Speaking Up!

To better understand local candidates' positions on various civic issues, Together Frankfort sent questionnaires to all candidates for selected local offices.  The questionnaire topics covered economic development, campaign finance, election security, health care, gun safety, and other matters. 

Each candidate for all the following offices received the questionnaire: 

Frankfort Board of Commissioners 
Franklin County Judge Executive
Franklin County Fiscal Court Candidates in District 1 through District 6. 

Franklin County Judge Executive - Click for Michael Mueller's Responses to Questionnaire.  His opponent, Ken Carroll, politely refused to complete the questionnaire.

(Responses from other candidates can be found here, or on the page for each Fiscal Court District election.)

Offices which represent Franklin County in the state legislature recived the questionnaire also:

Kentucky House District 56 
Kentucky House District 57
Kentucky Senate District 20

​​​​​Franklin County Judge/Executive-Elect 

Michael Mueller

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