​​​​​​​​​​Candidates for Franklin County & City of Frankfort

Primary Election - May 17, 2022

In Kentucky's primary elections, voters decide which Republican or which Democrat will move forward in races where there are two or more of the same party running for the office.  In some races, only one Republican or one Democrat filed for the office, so there is no primary in that race - the respective party's candidate moves forward to the fall election. This page focuses on only those elections for local government - city and county elections, not those for the Kentucky legislature nor those for the U.S. Congress.

Those offices with contested races in the May Primary Election are highlighted in RED.  Candidates for County offices are listed first; candidates, for city office, listed next. 

Click on the office names below to learn more about the candidates for city and county elected office on the May 17 Primary Election Ballot. 

​Franklin County Offices Up for Election in May 2022

The governing body of Franklin County consists of a Fiscal Court.  The Fiscal Court is comprised of the County Judge Executive (click link to website of County Judge Executive), elected at large by voters of the entire county, and six (6) magistrates, elected by voters of the corresponding district (map below).  Members of Fiscal Court are elected on a four year term. Click here for a link to the 6 current magistrates.

County Judge/Executive - Primary Election - 3 Democratic candidates; 1 Republican Candidate

Candidates for District Magistrates:

Franklin County Clerk - 1 Democratic Candidate; 0 Republican Candidates 

Franklin County Property Valuation Administrator (PVA) - 1 Democratic Candidate; 0 Republican Candidates
Franklin County Attorney - 1 Republican Candidate; 1 Democratic Candidate

Franklin County Sheriff  - 1 Democratic Candidate; 1 Republican Candidate

Franklin County Coroner - 1 Democratic Candidate; 0 Republican Candidates

Franklin County Jailer - 2 Democratic Candidates; 0 Republican Candidates

Together Frankfort

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City of Frankfort Elected Offices

Frankfort's Local Elected Officials - Duties & Responsibilities

In Kentucky, a city has one of three  basic organizational structures: 

  • Mayor-aldermen (limited to cities of the first class) or mayor-council;

  • Commission; and 

  • City manager.  

Regardless of the plan a city chooses, all cities possess the same broad powers, those granted by home rule (KRS 82.082). 

Frankfort has, by ordinance, adopted the City Manager Plan. Click on the link to read Frankfort's governing ordinance.

City Manager Plan. This form of city government provides for a mayor and four commissioners, who together make up the board of commissioners, which possesses the legislative and executive powers of the city. The City Manager Plan is different from others in that it vests the administrative powers in an appointed official called the city manager (KRS 83A.150).  Click here to learn more about the work of Frankfort's city manager, Laura Hagg.

All executive power vests in the board of city commissioners. The only duty of the mayor outside the position as a member of the board is to administer oaths & to make and execute all bonds, notes, contracts, & written obligations that the board authorizes. As a member of the board, the mayor is the presiding officer (KRS 83A.150.

Frankfort City Board Of Commissioners

The board of commissioners is composed of 4 commissioners and the mayor (KRS 83A.020). The board of commissioners sets qualifications for the manager, who is the chief administrative officer of the city and exercises the following executive powers and whatever other powers may be delegated by ordinance. 

 Frankfort's City Manager: 

  • shall have direct responsibility to the board for the proper administration of duties;  

  • shall recommend personnel decisions;  

  • may appoint persons to temporary positions without approval of the board subject to such conditions as the board may impose;  

  • shall prepare and submit a budget proposal ; 

  • shall keep the board advised of  financial condition of the city & make recommendations as deemed advisable.

Candidates for City of Frankfort

Elected Offices

Click here to earn more about the candidates for city commissioner.  All 6 candidates for city commission are listed below.

  • Dawn Hale

  • Leesa Gayle Unger

  • Katrisha Waldridge

  • Kyle Thompson

  • Kelly May

  • J.C. Karsner