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​​​​​​​Together Frankfort 2022 Annual Meeting Report

Together Frankfort was established on January 6, 2017. Each year we have celebrated that date with an

Anniversary Gathering.  Pre-COVID our annual meetings were festive events with refreshments,

handout materials,  and, yes, even a birthday cake. Here are a couple from years' past!


During COVID-19, we all masked up (even our logo!) and

we have, like most organizations, met virtually.  Many, many

thanks to everyone who participated in our January 6, 2022

Anniversary Meeting!

Together Frankfort member Betty Weaver provided a fascinating (yet chilling) overview of "What is Dark Money in Politics," and some examples from Kentucky and U.S. election spending. Thank you Betty for a well researched and well presented overview!

We enjoyed a briefing from Bruce Maples, who discussed Forward Kentucky,

a media outlet, with  multiple online options for viewing the content.

During the legislative session, Maples posts a DAILY update about

bills of interest, which ones are moving through the process,

and  in-depth coverage on some of them, such as the redistricting debacle.

Maples discussed the three types of reporting from Forward Kentucky

(click on the links to review current examples):

Aaron Viles described the organization of Central Kentucky progressive activists

 who led the Mitch McConnell Retirement Committee (MMRC)

focused on 2020's election. They have  their efforts & launched Progress Kentucky.  

Progress Kentucky works to educate & engage voters across our commonwealth

in order to advance a progressive political agenda at the state and national level.    

Central to their work is a communications/organizing strategy to help connect the dots between Republican-led policies which they believe are harming Kentucky while explicitly advocating for policy solutions offered by progressive politicians & advocacy organizations. Through the livestream/podcasting efforts & organizing projects, Progress Kentucky is building a larger, more informed and involved of changemakers in our commonwealth. Don't miss their podcasts! They're informative, timely, and FUN!

Together Frankfort encourages our members to check out these important organizations and get involved in whatever way that you can. ​​Click the links! Sign up for free newsletters, get notice of scheduled podcasts and event!​​

​​​​​​​Together Frankfort's Dark Money​

​Study Group - Next Meeting, February 10, 2022

January 2022 continues our work - please join our google group as we plan for more educational programs and more action strategies.  Click this link to connect to an initial list of "take aways" from our earlier meetings.  Add your own thoughts here too

​To learn about previous meetings and discussions about dark money, click on the link,  2022 - Dark Money, as well as other links under the Dark Money tab on the menu.

​​​​​​​Frankfort's University - Kentucky State University​

The Frankfort Chapter of Kentucky State Unversity's Alumni Association has invited the community to Kentucky State University's Green and Gold Day at the State Capitol, Thursday, February 10, 2022, 11:45 AM - 1:00P.M. Eastern Time. This is the Kentucky State University Day, and opportunity to visit with legislators about supporting Kentucky's only public HBCU!

Join other KSU supporters in the beautiful mezzanine of the Capitol (2nd floor) for refreshments and fellowship! Invite your legislator to attend!

Citizens are encouraged to make appointments NOW to speak to your legislator! Let them know that a successful KSU benefits the entire Commonwealth. All alumni and supporters (alumni or not) are invited and encouraged to attend.

​​​​​Many thanks to those of you who persevered through our forum on Kentucky Elections!

Over 40 people joined us Thursday, Feb 10, 2022, to learn more about campaign finance rules on: 

~  Types of donations allowed & what is not;

~  What must be reported and how;

~  Limitations on contributions; 

~  Some gray areas in which limits on contributions are not so clear (Steffen didn't describe it that way, but that's how it seems!);

~  And many other issues.

Yes, we had some technical issues but almost everyone persevered & we thank you.  

Our featured speaker, KY Registry of Election Finance John Steffen, definitely knows his stuff! For almost 40 minutes, he fielded questions about filing as a candidate, types of groups which must file, restrictions on contributions, how the Board for the Registry of Election Finance is structured & appointed.  Amazing job!  Within the coming week, we will post the more information about the forum. Click here to learn more about Director Steffen's background of leadership and service.

Explore the KREF website

Learn who is running for office in Frankfort and Franklin County. We will be posting more information about all candidates shortly.

For those who want to focus on the statutes and Kentucky's campaign finance laws - click here to check it out! ​​

Drawing it out - The Kentucky General Assembly's Redistricting Maps Are Law​

Governor Beshear vetoed the map bills, but the House and the Senate quickly over-rode the veto.  A group of Kentuckians have filed suit questioning the constitutionality of the maps (read the lawsuit here) -- we are sure to hear more about this!

Beshear vetoed Senate Bill 3 —the congressional redistricting legislation —on Jan. 19. The vote to override the governor’s veto was 26-8 in the state Senate - 23 Repubs & 3 Dems in favor; & 5 Dems & 3 Repubs opposed. The override vote was 64-24 in the House, with all votes in favor by Repubs and 21 Dems & 3 Repubs voting to sustain Beshear’s veto.

Kentucky adopted new House district boundaries on Jan. 20 after the general assembly overrode Gov. Andy Beshear’s (D) veto of the plan. The vote to override the governor’s veto was 24-10 in the Senate with all votes in favor by Repubs and 8 Dems & 2 Repubs against. The override vote was 69-23 in the House, with all votes in favor by Repubs & 22 Dems & 1 Repubs voting to sustain Beshear’s veto. 

Gov. Beshear allowed the redistricting proposal for new Senate districts (Senate Bill 2) to become law without his signature on Jan. 21. That legislation had passed the Senate on Jan. 6, 28-4, and House on Jan. 8, 67 - 23.

This information is drawn from Ballotpedia's website.  If you're not using the website, you're missing out; background on every state and federal election, every candidate, every state house, & senate, with background explaining the topic in language anyone can understand.  They go to great pains to remain journalistically neutral and nonpartisan.  

​​​​​​​Secretary of State Announces Significant Shift in Voter Affiliation

Frankfort, Ky. (January 28, 2022) – Secretary of State Michael Adams announced that December saw a significant shift in party affiliation of registered voters, away from the Democratic Party (down 5,571 voters) and toward the Republican Party (up 5,684 voters). The year-end statutory deadline to align party affiliation with party preference for the May 2022 primary election apparently prompted this movement.

 “Kentucky remains a two-party state, and candidates should reach across the political divide and court all voters,” Adams said. “Nevertheless, voter registration is now reflecting voter preference at the ballot box, and I believe that by the November election, a plurality of Kentucky voters will be registered as Republicans.”

 In December, Kentucky voter registration increased by 579 voters, with 4,396 new registrations, while 3,817 voters were removed – 2,876 deceased voters, 482 who moved out of state, 386 felony convicts, 41 who were adjudged mentally incompetent, 31 who voluntarily de-registered, and 1 duplicate registration.

 Democratic registrants make up 45.7 percent of the electorate with 1,626,274 voters. Democratic registration dropped by 5,571, a 0.34 percent decrease over the prior month. Republican registrants total 1,591,873, or 44.7 percent of voters. Republican registration grew by 5,684, an increase of 0.35 percent from November. In addition, 9.5 percent of voters, or 339,556, are registered under other affiliations, which added 456 voters, a .01 percent increase.

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Together Frankfort is proud to sponsor Judy Collins' 2022 performance at

Frankfort’s own Grand Theatre!
Ticket sales are underway NOW!
Judy Collins in concert at The Grand!
Thu - Mar 31, 2022 - 7:30pm EDT

​Judy Collins in Concert at The Grand Theatre

Judy Collins captured the love of many with her

crystal clear vocal renditions of “Both Sides Now”

and “Where are the Clowns,” both winning

Grammy’s. As a leader of contemporary folk music,

she introduced the world to Leonard Cohen,

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Aaron Viles  - Progress Kentucky