​What does a county constable do?

In Kentucky, the position of Constable was established in the 1850 Constitution. The present Constitution requires the election of one constable in each justice of the peace (known as magistrate) district.

The Constable has the authority to enforce both traffic laws and Kentucky criminal laws. They may execute warrants, summonses, subpoenas, attachments, notes, rules & orders of the court in all criminal, penal & civil cases (KRS 70.350). Kentucky's Constitution, Section 101, requires constables to possess the same qualification as the sheriffs & may exercise jurisdiction in any part of the county. (OAG 62-115 & 40-776).

According to rulings by the state Attorney General's office, an elected Constable can not be barred from working in the city limits by a mayor, chief of police or by the city council but he/she must keep his office in the district which he/she is elected. Constables are a "fees paid" officer of the court. Constables are entitled to receive fees for all citations that they write & warrants they serve.

Kentucky's Constitution states that, "Constables shall possess the same qualifications as Sheriffs and their jurisdiction shall be co-extensive with the counties in which they reside.
For more about county constables in Kentucky, contact the Kentucky Constables Association (click on the link).

Candidates for Franklin County Constable 

Candidates for Office of Franklin County Constable

Candidates for constable are are listed on the page for each magisterial district in which a candidate has filed to run for constable in that district. The following provides an overview of the race for constable in each of the six magisterial districts.

NO Primary was held for the Office of Constable in these Districts: 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6

In three of the six magisterial districts, the incumbent filed to run again and no other candidates filed: District 2; District 5, and; District 6. Also, in District 1, only one candidate filed, with no opposition. Therefore the candidates in Districts 1, 2, 5, and 6 will move forward to the general election in November with no opposition. Only District 3 held a primary election for constable in May 2022, as two Democrats filed for the seat.

Additionally, no candidate filed for the office of constable in District 4. However, since the Primary Election, a candidate has filed as a "write - in" candidate for this position.

For each district listed below, click on "District #"  The district page includes information about the candidate running for constable in that district - SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM of the page after it opens. Candidates for constable are listed following the candidates for magistrate of each district. The districts and the candidate for constable in that district as as follows:


  • District 1:  Michael Marraccini (R)

  • District 2:  *Bob Davis (D)

  • District 3:  Jeffrey Alan Sizemore (D) 

  • District 4:  Candidate for District 4 Constable. 
  • No candidate, by the deadline for the primary, filed to run &
  • the district had no incumbent. ​On April 6, 2022 Shadie Reed Hudnall Jr. filed,
  • as a write-in candidate for the vacant seat of District 4 Constable.

  • District 5:  *William "Billy" Mills (D)

  • District 6: *Richard Sandifer (D)