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2021 Juneteenth Conversation

I (or my group) wants to help make Juneteenth a national holiday. 

What can we do?


1.  Sign the petition!

Opal Lee, a 94 year old Texan, launched a campaign to walk from her home in Fort Worth to Washington D. C., building support for her goal to make Juneteenth a national holiday, established through federal law.  Over 1.5 million people have signed to date - sign it & share it with others in your organization. Visit her organization's website & sign up for updates.

2.  Learn about the proposed national legislation and the organizations working to support making Juneteenth a national holiday.

Some of these are (click on the links to learn more & to participate in their work):

​ ~  Black Lives Matter

 ~ Juneteenth.Com

 ~ Juneteenth Foundation

 ~ Leadership Conference on Civil Human Rights

 ~ National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

​ ~ National Juneteenth Holiday Foundation

 ~ U.S. Travel Association

 3.  Learn about the companies or businesses have endorsed making Juneteenth a national, paid leave, holiday.

​ ~ American Hotel & Lodging Association

 ~ Lowell, MA. The Lowell Sun newspaper

  ~ Editorial Board, USA Today

 ~  Spotify

4.  Be informed about the companies or businesses which give employees the day off for Juneteenth. Do local branches of these businesses ensure that their employees follow this policy? (Click the link to read company statements on Juneteenth.)

  -  Adobe

  -  Altria,

  -  Allstate

  -  Best Buy

  J.C. Penney

  -  Lyft

  -  Mastercard

  -  National Football League

  -  New York Times

  -  Nike

​  -  Mondelez International (International Day of Service)

  -  Vox Media

  -  Spotify

  -  Target

  -  Tegna

  -  The 19th, a Texas based nonprofit newsroom

 ​ -  Twitter

  -  Ube

  Here's a link to create a request for you to ask your company to make Juneteenth a paid holiday for employees.



5.  What prominent individuals have called for making Juneteenth a national, paid leave, holiday?

 ~ Peniel Joseph, founding director of the Center for the Study of Race & Democracy at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin

 - Taylor Swift​​