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​Together Frankfort

Together Frankfort works with many partners, locally, nationally, and internationally.  The international partner which we featured in November was the Charter for Compassion. The Charter's Global Gala included Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, who discussed their city's work to build Compassionate Louisville. Learn more about that initiative here

We are appreciative of the Frankfort Interfaith Council whose local work introduced our members to the Charter for Compassion.   Together Frankfort is a member of the Charter's Social Justice Sector.

The Charter for Compassion's Global Gala was presented at two different times. Together Frankfort appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Gala.  Upcoming actvities 
that may be of interest are listed below.

Global Read

Monthly, the Charter for Compassion features books that bring awareness to the theme of compassion and relate to one or more of the Charter's twelve sectors. You will have the opportunity to hear directly from the book's author in a live webinar format. Better yet, you're given the chance to interact with the author and ask questions and/ or comment on their book. Learn more and register for upcoming Global Read programs here.


The Charter for Compassion Education Institute courses are authored by uniquely skilled contributors who share tools and strategies to cultivate self-compassion, compassion for others, and compassionate action. Learn more and sign up for a course (or more!) here.

Film Festival

In collaboration with one of their  Partners, Films for the Planet, the Charter is launching a Film Festival. Each month, a film will be featured, specifically connected to one of the Charter's twelve sectors. The films are chosen by the lead volunteers for each sector and the conversations will be moderated by them and/or individuals of their selection. This is a new offering and will begin in January of 2022. Check out the upcoming films here.

Communities Webinars

The Charter for Compassion Community Webinar Series serves to spotlight communities across the globe working on compassionate initiatives. While no two communities are identical and the projects each takes on are unique, these sessions are helpful in providing insight - one community to another. No matter where you are in your own compassionate community process, you are invited to this program to learn more and plug in!

Compassionate Schools Charter

Cultivating compassion in schools, and creating the kind of culture where it is a norm of student and staff behavior, may seem at first a noble ideal: a nice-to-have, something to be undertaken only when all other priorities are met. Yet we now have the evidence to show that a school’s ability to foster real learning, indeed to fulfill its fundamental purpose, depends on its ability to do just that. Students and adults alike thrive when their social and emotional needs are met, when they feel a sense of belonging, when they feel their voices are welcomed and heard. Join a global movement to bring compassion to schools across the world.

These are just a few of the many, many events and programs host by the Charter for Compassion and of which they are a part. Please check the events calendar (located on the homepage of the Charter for Compassion's website) frequently as they are always updating with offerings that may be of interest! 

Paul Cable
KSU Staff Representative

  Dr. Peter Smith
KSU Faculty Representative

Louisville & Mayor Greg Fischer received an award for their work in The Parents Circle – Families Forum (PCFF) is a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization of over 600 families. If you're interested in this initiative, register here to participate in a free webinar with the Charter on December 1 at 7 am PT. 


Travis Powell
Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education​​​​

  Dr. Jens Hannemann
KSU Faculty Representative

Together Frankfort needs YOU! ​​​​​

As Together Frankfort continues the important work of this challenging year 2021, we are looking ahead to 2022 (can you believe it?).  We request your involvement and, if possible, your support.  Click on the link, fill out the form, make a declaration of your Together Frankfort membership & involvement.  

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Dark Money -- Get involved!

Together Frankfort will hold virtual meeting on Dark Money - Action Plan! Thurs., Dec. 2, 2021 at 7 PM. Please register - Zoom link on registration page!

Click this link to connect to an initial list of "take aways" from the meeting.  Add your own thoughts here too

When we meet again on December 2, via zoom, we hope that you can join us! Please register here!!​​

​​​​​​​​​Together Frankfort congratulates the members named to Kentucky State University's Presidential Search committee. The Kentucky State University Board of Regents announced on Nov. 10, that the search committee members have been submitted to the search committee chair, Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education Vice President & General Counsel Travis Powell. A complete listing of the committee members and their contact information is available through this link.  We will be attending informational sessions when the committee meets and we encourage everyone in Franklin County, KY to do the same! The committee members, who are shown below, do not include one of the National Alumni Association representatives, Donald W. Lyons. We were unable to locate his photo but have requested that he send us one.

 KSU Board of Regents approved Myers McRae Executive Search and Consulting to assist the selection process.

 Committee charge:

~  Conduct a search process to identify the Kentucky State University presidency finalists;
~  Prepare a report for the Board of Regents summarizing the search process;
~  Identify and evaluate candidates for president that will include the strengths and areas of concern of each of the finalist candidates in an unranked format;
~  Make a recommendation to the Board of Regents, of no more than 3, but not less than 2 finalists.

 Opportunity for Input:

~ Information about the 1st meeting & public forums not yet available
~ Regular updates, from the presidential search committee, will be provided throughout the process;
~ Regular updates will be found on the KSU presidential search website (not yet available).

Paul Thompson
Community Representative


​J’iya Alcorn
KSU Student Representative​​​​

Richard Graves

KSU Alumni Representative ​​​​

​​​​​​​Frankfort's University - Kentucky State University

Be a part of Frankfort & Franklin County's work for Juneteenth 2022 and racial equity!

  Here's a proposal some local folks assembled for local consideration!

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer (photo, left), a featured speaker during the Charter for Compassion's Global Gala, discussed the work of

"Compassionate Louisville."


Savion Briggs
KSU Student Representative


Together Frankfort is proud to sponsor Judy Collins' 2022 performance at

Frankfort’s own Grand Theatre!
Ticket sales are underway NOW!
Judy Collins in concert at The Grand!
Thu - Mar 31, 2022 - 7:30pm EDT

​Judy Collins in Concert at The Grand Theatre

Judy Collins captured the love of many with her

crystal clear vocal renditions of “Both Sides Now”

and “Where are the Clowns,” both winning

Grammy’s. As a leader of contemporary folk music,

she introduced the world to Leonard Cohen,

Joni Mitchell, and Randy Newman.

Katrisha Waldridge 

Community Representative


Christopher Cribbs
KSU Staff Representative