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  Here's a proposal some local folks assembled for local consideration!

25 Frankfort Suffragists to be honored during the 9 am Cemetery Tour, Saturday, Aug. 21

with a commemorative bronze plate

​Below, the first block identifies the location, as shown on the cemetery map (to the left). Click on each box of name listings, below, to see more information about each suffragist.

​​Together Frankfort - Our Mission

Together Frankfort is a non-partisan, volunteer group of Kentuckians who seek to exercise and protect the principles embodied in our Constitution by being engaged and responsible participants in democracy.  

We advocate for integrity and transparency in government and political actions, and fair and equal application of the law and civil rights for all people. 

We support economic and social policies that ensure continuing opportunity for individuals and families. 

We are committed to our country and to the welfare of our fellow citizens regardless of political affiliation, and to solutions that cross partisan divides.

Membership is open to all -- please sign up, participate, learn, act!

​​Join the Women's Suffrage Centennial Chorus

Saturday, August 21, Downtown Frankfort:

Celebrate voting rights for women

We are so tremendously proud of Sylvia and Don Coffey who have worked tirelessly for the past 5 years to educate folks about and to celebrate the centennial of women's right to vote!! Be sure and register - click the links (it's easy)!

Here's the schedule for the Women's Equality Celebration day in Frankfort - please share.

9:00 AM - Frankfort Cemetery Tour of Suffragists - participate in a one hour guided tour of suffragists buried in the cemetery (215 E Main St). Transportation provided via Frankfort Trolley. Registration
required. (Click link to register). Download the (.pdf) brochure of the cemetery tour - it includes a map of the gravesites where 25 Frankfort suffragists will be honored with a commemorative bronze plate. The map of gravesites and listing of the suffragists are also shown below. Click on the photo to see more information about the suffragists to be honored!

11:00 AM - Women's Equality March (click to RSVP) on Broadway - wear your Suffrage whites and march to celebrate women's rights. Meet in front of the Paul Sawyier Public Library (319 Wapping St.) & march to the Old Capitol grounds, passing historic Frankfort landmarks along the way.

12 noon - Celebration (click to RSVP) on Old Capital Lawn - Hear from notable Kentucky women on the steps of the Old Capitol to celebrate and recognize the women's equality movement.

12 - 6 PM - Downtown Frankfort Shopping & Dining - visit downtown Frankfort shops and restaurants for special meals and deals celebrating women's equality.

12 - 6 PM - Women's Suffrage History Walk (click to RSVP) - Complete a 10 stop, self-guided history walking tour throughout downtown that gives a timeline of the women's suffrage movement.

12 - 4 PM - Capital City Museum (click to RSVP) visit Frankfort's own history museum. Admission is free.

12 - 2 PM - Liberty Hall Open House (click to RSVP) - visit historic Liberty Hall for tours and narrated history throughout the afternoon. Admission is free.

1 PM & 3 PM - Suffragist Showcase & Film at Library (click to RSVP) - view the library's showcase of African American suffragists from 1-3 PM, and a 50 minute documentary film beginning at 3 PM. 

1:30 PM - Kentucky Women Behaving Badly Tour - join the Kentucky History Center for a guided history tour focused on Kentucky's remarkable women.
Tickets required (click to RSVP).

Registration is required for some activities, so RSVP to get regular updates and more information at https://www.kywscc.org/