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Office of Mayor - City of Frankfort

Office of Mayor - City of Frankfort, Kentucky

The role of mayor in the cities of Kentucky varies according to the type of city government which the voters have elected to choose.  These are the types of city governments allowed under  Kentucky laws.

In Kentucky, City governments operate under one of three models: 

  1. City Manager
  2. Commission
  3. Mayor-Council​

These three different types vary, particularly in the level of responsibilities, duties and powers between the executive branch (Mayor) and the legislative branch (City Commissioners) of city government. This link describes the differences among the three types of city governments in Kentucky.

Frankfort operates under a City Manager form of government. Under Frankfort's form of city government, significant authority is placed in the office of the City Manager.  

In the City Manager form of government cities elect a mayor.  However, unlike many other cities, Frankfort's mayor serves, participates and votes as a member of the City Commission. Four commissioners are also elected and one mayor, all of whom constitute the Board of Commissioners. 

Duties of the Mayor - City of Frankfort

​Layne Wilkerson, Mayor-elect of the City of Frankfort, KY; Photo source:  Candidate's Campaign Facebook Page

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