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​Jack Banta, Candidate for Franklin County Jailer, Photo Source:  Candidate Facebook page.

​ Franklin County Jailer-elect Banta

​Jake Banta (D)

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Jake Banta For Jailer
P.O. Box 925
Frankfort, KY 40602

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Candidates for the Office of Franklin County Jailer

What are the ​Duties & Responsibilities of the Franklin County Jailer?

Kentucky’s constitution provides for the election of a jailer in each county and also permits the legislature to consolidate the offices of sheriff and jailer in any county, if the office of sheriff is retained & the sheriff assumes the jailer’s duties. This provision results from a compromise between two factions of the 1890 Constitutional Convention, one wanting to abolish the office of jailer, and the other urging retention of the offices of sheriff and jailer.  The Kentucky constitutional provisions relating to the office of jailer are unique. 
No other state constitution refers to jailers. In most states, the sheriff or a sheriff’s deputy would perform the duties of jailer.
Qualifications, prescribed in Kentucky's constitution, are:

  • must give bond as required by law, 
  • must be at least 24 years of age, and 
  • must have 2 years’ residence in KY and 1 year in the county of candidacy. 

Before assuming office, a jailer must execute bond before the county judge/executive and must take the oath prescribed by the constitution. 

County Jail System. Each fiscal court must provide for the incarceration of prisoners arrested in the county or sentenced or held by order of the courts in the county.  A county has the flexibility:

  • to maintain its own jail,
  • to contract with another county or a city for the use of its facilities, or
  • to participate in a regional jail system if such a system is established.  

Franklin County contracts with other counties to house their prisoners, at the Franklin County Regional Jail, 400 Coffee Tree Road ,Frankfort. Providing for the incarceration of prisoners is an expensive undertaking for counties. County jails have become more expensive as Kentucky seeks to upgrade them, pursuant to its own standards & regulations, and as a part of a nationwide response to federal court mandates for better jail facilities and correctional programs
No county may receive less than $24,000 from the State Treasury for care & maintenance of prisoners charged with or convicted of violations of state law. The county may receive revenue from the federal government, cities, or other counties for holding prisoners for those units of government. In addition, a Class D felon who is sentenced to an indeterminate term of 5 years or less, or who has less than 5 years left on a longer term, may serve that term in a county jail. Class D & Class C felons sentenced to terms longer than 5 years may serve that time in county jails. 
The commissioner of the Department of Corrections will grant a waiver to counties that choose not to house felons (KRS 532.100). Counties that house felons will receive a per diem for housing them. A county may require county jail prisoners to reimburse the county for expenses incurred. This includes a $50 per diem for room and board as well as the cost for medical treatment incurred during incarceration.
Prisoners in work release status may be charged up to 25 percent of gross daily wages, a minimum of $12 & a maximum of $40 per day, for the costs of their imprisonment. The money must be paid to the jailer. 

The Franklin County Regional Jail's Community Services Program assists numerous agencies within the county and state. Some of these agencies are: Franklin County Road Dept., Senior Citizens Community Center, Lake View Park

According to the Franklin County Regional Jail's website

"supervised work of inmates in the community saves an estimated 84,168 man hours per year, which equates to $829,400.00 at a minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. This does not include the voluntary hours the inmates work for special events" such as the Franklin County Fair, Governor's Cup, Christmas Parade, etc."

Review the website for the Franklin County Regional Jail for more information about inmate numbers, rehabilitation programs for inmates, and other aspects of the regional jail. Current jailer, Jeff Banta, won re-election to the office and will continue his duties for another term.