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Local, Regional & Statewide Offices - 

Congratulate our newly elected officials!

Franklin County (KY, USA) elected local, state, and national representatives of our community on November 3, 2020: City, County, State, Congressional District, U.S. Senate.  Be sure to contact each official and offer your thanks for those who ran for public office.  In the meantime, volunteer for a political party or a political group - you might want to run for office !

Click on the links below to learn how to get in touch with can get in touch with those whom were elected in Kentucky's general election, November 3, 2020.

~   Office of Mayor of the City of Frankfort

~   Board of Commissioners of the City of Frankfort

~   Franklin County Jailer

~   House District 56

~   House District 57

~   Senate District 7

~   Kentucky's 6th U.S. Congressional District

~   United States Senator from Kentucky