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‚ÄčTogether Frankfort

Together Frankfort has conducted and led voter registration drives in the past and on Sunday, we have a great opportunity!  We had the honor of being requested by Senator Gerald Neal, the Selma Reenactment March Organizer, to handle a voter registration booth during the march.  We will be located in a table, with a canopy or tent, near the Kentucky State Capitol.  We will email or text you the exact location after your volunteer form has been received.

~ If you are interested in participating in this amazing day of history in this way, please sign up to help us with voter registration.  (Please note: those who staff the Voter Registration Booth will not be marching, as we will be providing materials and registering folks before and during the march.)

~ ‚ÄčTogether Frankfort will be staffing the Kentucky Voter Registration booth from 1 PM - 3:30 PM during the Selma Reenactment March on Sunday, March 1, Frankfort KY.  We need volunteers to assist at our booth, ideally folks who have participated in voter registration drives before. 

~ If you have NOT  participate in voter registration training, we will provide training and always have an experienced volunteer on hand to help and answer any questions. Just let us know that on this form.

We will have voter registration forms and hand out materials. Please dress warmly, wear comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle.  Arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled work time, as parking will be at a premium.  We will provide parking information after we receive your volunteer info. Come join us and help build an informed and engaged citizenry!

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