Volunteer for Candidates for Public Office:  City, County, State, Congressional District, U.S. Senate; or volunteer for a political party or a political group!

In the Kentucky Primary elections, which will be held on June 23, 2020, candidates are running for several offices in Frankfort (Mayor and City Commissioners), Franklin County, Kentucky House District 56 & 57, Senate District 7, Kentucky Congressional District 6, U.S. Senate, & of course, for United States President.  Due to the fluctuating candidate field for President, and because their information is widely & publicly available, they are not included here.

Click on the links below to learn how to get in touch with candidates for the primary election, and even more importantly, to volunteer with their campaigns!

~   Office of Mayor of the City of Frankfort

~   Board of Commissioners of the City of Frankfort

~   Franklin County Jailer

~   House District 56

~   House District 57

~   Senate District 7

~   Kentucky's 6th U.S. Congressional District

~   United States Senator from Kentucky

Aside from needing money $$$, most every candidate tells you that the most valuable part of their campaign is volunteers. Candidates use volunteers for literally every aspect of the campaign, such as:

Scheduling: Helping schedule the candidate's events; updating the calendar (either hard copy or online) for a candidate; contacting local organizations to request your candidate speak during upcoming meetings; preparing materials for the candidate to distribute at meetings & events;

Phone calls: Obtaining databases of registered voters; making telephone calls to registered voters (click for possible "talking points);" training other volunteers in making calls for a candidate; returning calls for your candidate, & many more opportunities.

Show up! Several candidates have websites through which you can register for updates about the candidate's events & appearances. Others will post on their Facebook page when they'll be attending a function.  For public events, sign-up and show up. Bring a few friends and make a festive outing. Candidates always like to see larger crowds & friendly faces.  You & your friends don't have to organize, plan, speak, or clean-up.  But your presence at your candidate's events make a difference!

Promote your candidate - buttons, banners, bumperstickers, etc.: Use campaign materials to promote your candidate at appropriate events (shopping, visiting friends, parties, etc.) & keep a supply on-hand to give to those who express an interest; organize friends with candidate tee-shirts, buttons or banners to gather at community events, such as the Downtown Summer Concert series, the Frankfort Strider run/walk events, fall festivals for schools and communities in the area.

Help your candidate's team distribute yard signs (make sure you follow all city and county rules).  In the City of Frankfort, contact City Hall, 502352-2100 or email your comments or questions about political yard signs.

Organize a "meet & greet" event (click on the link for one organizer's guidelines)- this could be at your home or during a community event, or at local restaurant or business. Leave nothing to chance, from planning to follow-up to evaluation; then it will be a success!

Prepare research about the city voting patterns, about other candidates, about specific issues -  such as Capital Plaza redevelopment; mountain bikes on Fort Hill; Frankfort City Plant Board discussions; encouraging economic development; Kentucky State University's ties with the community; public education and teachers; and on and on; brief your candidate with short summaries of local issues.

Support your candidate through
social media: "like" their Facebook (FB) page, follow & retweet their Twitter feed, share Instagram and YouTube postings; post an endorsement on the FB page,

Twitter, or other methods; "share" FB pages & tag Twitter friends

who might be interested; offer to photograph your candidate at community events

for posting on your FB page and/or the candidate's page,

Twitter feed, etc.; organize friends & supporters to volunteer

to tweet with the candidate's hashtag or event hashtag at every opportunity.

Walk your precinct (click to learn the precincts in

Franklin county & city of Frankfort) with

your candidate or with your friends who support the candidate. 

There are several types of "walking the district" or

"canvassing" as it's often called.  Make sure that you're carrying out the

door-to-door campaign plan that your candidate wants and needs. 

Here's some guidelines you might want to discuss with your candidate

Prepare in advance by "role-playing" potential questions & answers, or

attend any training your candidate suggests.

Write! Write letters to the newspaper in support of your candidate (click on this link to connect directly to the Frankfort State Journal's letters' form); or, email or mail it to: letters@state-journal.com or,

(U.S. mail)

The State Journal

1216 Wilkinson Boulevard

Frankfort, KY 40601

Write & send supportive postcards for a candidate; write an online endorsement through social media. 

Donate to your candidate's campaign. Contact information for all local candidates can be found through links on this site. Send a check. Or if you're comfortable donating online, make a donation to the candidate's U.S. Postal Service address. We have attempted to locate that information for each candidate. Where it's not available here, please contact the candidate directly through email or phone.

No amount is too small -- remember that those buttons, banners, & yard signs cost money. Small donations make big wins possible!

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