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The State of Our Democracy

Together Frankfort

Allow Kentucky's citizens to vote safely in November.

America has the almost the lowest rate of voter participation of any of the world's democracies.

There are 70.2 million Americans under the age of 18 today, the largest generation of young people in our country's history. If present trends continue, most of these children and youth will not go to the polls and vote.

In 2016, Kentucky's Secretary of State released the "Civic Health Assessment" for the commonwealth. This report shows the Commonwealth improved in national rankings in social connectedness, community engagement and voter registration since the Secretary released the first report. More Kentuckians are volunteering, making charitable contributions, and registering to vote.

However, troubling findings revealed that fewer than half of Kentuckians have confidence in media, a decline of more than 10 percent in three years, and fewer Kentuckians are trusting of their neighbors.  Overall, Kentucky ranks 48th in the nation, ahead of only New Mexico (49th), Montana (50th) and Utah (51st), for public confidence in media.

Together Frankfort has conducted educational programs on voter registration, the influence of Dark Money on politics & voting, the role of the media in a democracy, and other aspects of civic health. We have registered folks to vote at numerous events in the area.  We have encouraged people to run for office. 

Together Frankfort also provides information for voters to learn more about our local candidates, encouraging folks to volunteer to help in campaigns.  Click here to learn more!