​Together Frankfort: Civic Engagement

Together Frankfort

What is the Unrig the System Summit?

  • Convening the Brightest Minds from the Right and Left to Fix American Politics

  • Conservatives. Progressives. Solutions.

  • Together Frankfort is a Cosponsor!

Together Frankfort Reports from the

Unrig the System Summit!

February 2 - 4, 2018 in New Orleans

Our Reporting Team:

  • Karen Armstrong-Cummings
  • Karen Waite Carey
  • Kathy Murphy
  • Margaret Townsley
  • Linda Waller
  • Murray Moore Wood

Why is Together Frankfort interested in this event?

  • We work to promote civic engagement, across all spectrums of the policy arena, left to right.
  • Money in politics is a main reason even the most concerned citizens disengage.
  • UnRig the System is bring together organizations, speakers, activists from across the country to focus on how to fix the system: government corruption; influence buying; dark money in campaigns.
  • Together Frankfort plans to be part of the solution!