After attending the Kentucky Coalition's gathering in May, Terry Strickland (pictured) and her husband Mark have organized a "Walk the Talk" campaign for Franklin County, KY.

Engage with us -- many paths, many ways!

Together Frankfort's members have participated in marches & rallies around the state, working with partner organizations & friends.

In June, Kentucky's former Poet Laureate, Richard Taylor, moderated a discussion on the book, Dark Money

Since Together Frankfort organized in January 2017, we have carried out numerous actions, programs, and events.  All these activities are carried out by one of three committees, which we established in March of 2017. 

We encourage you to sign up for a committee and participate in whatever way that you can!

The Committees include:

Civic Engagement and Education Committee  - Get involved in this committee if you're interested in research, education, and presentations. Currently, the Civic Engagement Committee coordinates the work of five "Teams"

Communications Committee - If you're interested in preparing and distributing Together Frankfort's brochures at civic meetings, staffing a display table at community events, or speaking to other groups about Together Frankfort, please sign up for the Communications Committee.

Partnership Committee -  Interested in attending rallies, marches or other gatherings with like-minded organizations? Contact the Partnership Committee and let them know! This group stays in touch with dozens of sister organizations throughout the Bluegrass region.  Join in!

​Together Frankfort: Civic Engagement

Together Frankfort